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This could be your Skyrim experience…

December 26, 2013

Since Dave may well still be playing Skyrim, finding videos of this particular mod made me think of him, of course.

Been awhile since I posted anything new here, but I think a browser switch may have finally helped. Firefox just wasn’t working well here anymore, but Chrome has been an improvement.


Pat Robertson…lingers on.

September 29, 2011

Today I posted on Daily Kos about Pat Robertson’s latest reported ridiculous statement, about divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer’s because, you know, they’re really gone. He came under broad fields of fire from all over xianity as a result, and I’m sure there were a few skeptics like me snickering at his expense, even if the advice he gave was frankly repulsive according to their own beliefs.

That advice was bad enough, but after seeing his response today, I couldn’t resist chiming in: he claims he’s been misinterpreted, the classic fallback position of the conservative busted for their sincere, yet disgusting remarks. Since Pat’s in denial mode and black is white and the sky is no longer blue, it was a simple matter to collect his original remarks, his latest remarks, and compare.

This is what you said, Pat. Yes, you did say it. We know you said it. You are on video saying it.


It’s my guild, it’s every guild

November 10, 2010

This gave me giggle fits after seeing it on WoW Insider, so I may as well inflict it on my friends:

It is my guild, it is every guild. And I have been in a few guilds to see it over and over. I can’t quite figure out which category I fit into, though…I think I qualify for several! I’m definitely not Billy. And don’t say Altoholic, because I am a responsible alt-meister. Even if I do have about 8 80’s or so. Maybe 9…no. Definitely 8. And some of them are alliance.

  1. Know-it-all? Could be…
  2. The Legend? Only Sue can tell.
  3. Mysterious One? This reminds me of Sue at times…
  4. The Couple? heh. no comment.
  5. Lore Freak? Eh, maybe.

And, well…the ventrilo simulation is priceless. Say something hot! Oh wait, she’s 13 and probably the guild leader’s daughter.