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Xmas in the desert

December 27, 2013

Dad was interested in seeing some photos today, so I took one of the xmas cactus as I have no proper tree. On the bright side, decorating this one doesn’t result in a dead tree every year.

Personal 009Just the string of lights I added to it on a whim last year; it’s not that spectacular. Sue tells me it’s understated. I think she’s just being nice.

Anyway, with some time off I also entertained the neighbor’s cat today, who is not enjoying the windy day and the cold night. It’s not below freezing, but it’s cold for us!

Personal 005Mudbug enjoying the la-z-boy and his favorite blanket too. He wants to move in, but there is no litter box and there will be no cat food. Besides, I know where his real home is; it’s right behind mine. He’s just too bad a cat to stay there apparently. So, he gets to hang out until he gets to be a pain here and then I kick him out too.

So, not doing much for the holidays, and that’s all right. The weather has not been conducive to much yard work, not that there is much to do. After last winter, it’s mostly taken care of with minimal maintenance. The fancy term is xeriscaping but for me, it means less yard work.




End of the road

September 28, 2013

So, this week I wrapped up the seemingly endless quest for Shadowmourne on my hapless death knight. I had a pretty good shot at it, back when Wrath of the Lich King and Icecrown Citadel was the current raid content; I was with a hardcore raiding guild back then, and finished most of the quest line with them. When that guild burned down, fell over and sank into the swamp, I went through several raiding guilds with softer, chewy centers, and got jerked around every time. I even left the Daily Kos guild this year when their raiding officers proved to be just as cliquish and backstabbing in that regard as anyone else. Shocking?…not really. But this summer I learned how to solo more of the content, and picked up the last of my soul shards this month. After being rejected by everyone else, I just kept mugging Marrowgar until he gave me what I wanted and begged me to stop. I’d feel bad about it, except that he’s only a bunch of pixels (much like my orange axe).

I have the option to go try to whack Arthas one more time and get a chest of super-rare loot for it, not sure if I will. But since Wrath was wrapped up, I haven’t had the same urge to play and raid and max-out and test myself in the game like I used to. Having tried the hardcore thing may have contributed; more likely, it’s having been through so many raiding guilds, trying everything from no-frills raider to officer/raid organizer and back again, and always finding it unsatisfying in the end. It may also be because Blizzard has picked on melee classes forever. And it could be because my death knight’s story seems played out; even if he has gone from a Tauren to a Night Elf to an Orc in the process.

I’ve got one of every class on our server now at this point, and not being terribly interested in tanking and healing, I’ve been exploring my ranged classes. Mages are often showered with love from Blizzard, although maximizing the output of my fire mage is supposed to incorporate the somewhat puzzling Alter Time ability. Perhaps less complicated is my hunter, although he’s only level 80 now; have to see how that works later. But it’s promising. I may end up going back to the class where I started, way back in 2004, although my original nelf hunter is languishing on some other server than our ‘main’ one, Kilrogg.

Whisperclaw, contemplating the Storm Peaks on his way to 80. I’ve gone back and forth on questing vs. dungeon crawling, but lately I’ve been questing. I think questing on the wolfie was the first time I finished the dwarf questline out of Frosthold and saw the lore about Muradin. That may change as I leave the Wrath zones for Cataclysm and Pandaria, since the older xpacs are still my favorites, flawed as they were. Why, I can’t say. I suspect that I am just getting old and set in my ways, even virtually.


Back to life

July 8, 2013

2013Vaca 057Well, the week off is over and with it my trip back east for the 4th of July.

I was a bit more of a shutterbug this year, although I am increasingly aware of the practical limitations of the camera when compared to everyone else’s smartphones. I may have to give in and get one of those myself, although it’s not as if I take a lot of pictures any other time. Then again, with a more portable camera maybe I would.

Anyway, this one above is my favorite, although there are some nice ones in the bunch. The link will go to a slideshow of my vacation pics on Photobucket. There’s also a few from last year in my library there, too. So it was a nice week, and I’m not particularly looking forward to getting back to normal work-life tomorrow, but that’s life.



June 6, 2013

Ok, so the big spring job should be done now, so perhaps I’ll have some time to write a bit again. Don’t know yet…can’t be sure that they finished things up yesterday at work. In the meantime, I found this photo on a tumblr today and it amused me. Granted it was part of the Moon Moon silliness but huskies are just goofy. They don’t need an excuse.



Photos and updates

May 13, 2013

Been awhile since I posted anything new up here. Sorry, but sometimes real life takes precedence, and in this case work’s been real busy. Draining. Anyway…

Personal 006Although it may be difficult to tell, this is a picture of Mudbug visiting the house again. He’s sort of peeking out. I don’t know quite why he did this, but he seems to really like the blankies on the futon/couch…

Personal 005…and since the blankets were piled on top of the couch, he climbed up there and half-buried himself in them and snoozed. My neighbor’s cat really wants to be a housecat, I think. But they keep tossing him outside (probably because he’s bad) and so he wants to hang out with us.

Personal 003Such shiftless bums cats are. So, I don’t need a pet. Not that I want one, but instead I have visitors. I also spotted him outside hunting a lizard for fun, but he wasn’t interested in this one…

Personal 007Found this indifferent fellow on the back porch today, perhaps warming himself on the concrete, or perhaps snacking on the nearby ants. I don’t mind the lizards eating bugs before they get in the house. I only mind when they break in, and occasionally they do sneak inside. But this one wasn’t concerned with me or Mudbug, and the cat didn’t go after him, so…maybe the last one tasted bad.

Anyway, still out here doing…nothing much, but hopefully in a few weeks I’ll get a slight break from the work madness. Till then, I must instead embrace the madness.


A winter wonderland, it’s not

February 21, 2013

Snow 001

Snow on the little barrel cactus in my front yard this morning. There was snow here on Wednesday, in town, which doesn’t happen very often at all. On the mountains is one thing, but in Tucson we don’t get to make snowmen (not that I would want to). So, the snow was interesting enough to take a few pictures.

Snow 004

The backyard had much more leftover snow; it all melted during the day today. The streets were no issue at all. Although a co-worker of mine who lives up in the northern foothills mentioned snow on the streets and snow thick enough to measure in his neighborhood.

Snow 002

I have trouble getting a good view of those mountains to the north from my yard; this is the best I could do. On my morning commute I got a much better view of snow-covered mountains from head to toe. Of course, during the day most of it melted. But this snow is good for us. Snow on the mountains means water that will take a while to trickle down later. It’s the kind of thing we need to help stave off the drought…although I think this region will be drought-stricken for the duration.

Anyway, that’s what it looked like this morning. Yesterday, on Wednesday, we had blizzard conditions it seemed (briefly) during the day and then more snow at night. I got some shots of what was left, but during the day it looked impressive. Snow is usually just something we see on the mountaintops — nice to look at, perhaps visit, but it can stay up there. Leave it to the weather to bring me the one thing I miss the least from PA on my birthday!

So, yay, I’m older, and all that rot. We had ice cream cake today. Having survived another spin around the sun is a reasonable excuse in this society, I suppose.


Fun with headlines

February 12, 2013

When I have time, there are a bunch of sites I check out for news, opinion and liberal variants of the same. Most of them are on one of my blog rolls here or on Daily Kos. AZCentral is one of those. So I’m glad I caught this one from their Politics front page before they fix it.

azcentralLawmakers crapped bill that would have nearly tripled their daily pay for lodging and meals.

Yeah, I know. I can see from the article that they mean “scrapped”. Still chuckling because of the accidental irony.

They say the plan “lost steam” after it became public, and yet they dropped it after getting…virtually no opposition.

But the plan, which was pegged to the federal per-diem rates paid to members of Congress, lost steam once it became public.

Wheeler said the hassle wasn’t worth it, even though he heard virtually no pushback from constituents or fellow lawmakers.

There’s something wrong with those claims. They seem contradictory. What, do they expect that their legislation should not become public or that it ought not? What’s the difference between ‘lost steam’ and ‘no pushback’? Anyway, it’s Arizona…of course nobody wants to pay for anything. At this point, I’m not sure that being elected to state representative would be a pay raise, myself.

And so we get what we pay for.

Wednesday edit: ha! next day, it’s still there.