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A reminder to self, and to others

January 13, 2013

Sue reminded me this morning by pointing out that she wasn’t aware of this — it’s not mentioned much in the news, but there is no actual director for the ATF. You know, the agency that handles guns and gun violence at the federal level. They have had only acting directors since 2006, because of a conspiracy of the NRA, their Republican operatives in Congress, and Senate obstructionism. So after being reminded of this state of affairs by the Melissa Harris-Perry show, I wrote about it today. The gun lobby on Daily Kos is getting to where they don’t attack everything that comes along; we’ll see about this one.



November 28, 2012

I should have known better than to write about something involving guns, not on Daily Kos, because the resident mob of armchair warfighters is always on hand to defend guns, any laws making it easier to shoot guns or to shoot people with guns, etc. Hell, there were even jerks sounding off about loud music in cars and about how they’d like to empty a shotgun into the car just to make it quiet.

I guess they have no idea how foolish that sounds, considering that may be exactly what happened — loud music pissing off some ass with a gun, to the point that he makes up a threat and empties his gun into the car and then bolts. But it’s the internet, and anywhere there are unmoderated comments, there will be garbage. Thankfully I maintain comment moderation here.

The reason stories like this bother me is, first of all, death. As a skeptic I do not have the luxury of some promised higher justice or a paradise afterlife or any form of karmic compensation whatsoever. Crimes like this happen, folks are dead, and there’s no fixing it. Life is precious to me because it is finite. It has value because it is limited. Immortality is what devalues life. I suppose it may be the concept of the immortal soul that allows Americans to devalue the lives they do have.

And yes, Dave, devaluing my own life, neglecting my health, I understood that, it has been a conscious choice. I considered it a slow suicide, like smoking. A decision to enjoy a shorter life more, rather than enjoy a longer one less. In the end, it was not enjoying the life I had that helped me to stop doing some of the things I’d been doing. I get that. Even now I am measuring the possibilities of enjoying the time I have, burning out slower, longer, vs. burning out fast and hot. Better to burn out than to fade away, eh Kurgan?

Anyway, it shouldn’t surprise me that even on a site full of liberals like DK that there’s so much casual dismissal in favor of whatever pet concepts mean more to them. There’s so much misery to report, even I can’t pay attention to it all. I only have so much in the way of time, resources and emotion to invest in this horrible world, and at the end of the day I also want to enjoy myself, if only a little. I don’t try to justify it by demeaning it, though.

Although around election day, I did grow a bit resentful of just how many folks were giving me such good reasons to give them money. There was no way I could help them all, either.

Ah well. I guess I’m not as callous and detached as I may seem. These blathering fools ought to cure me of that notion, but they probably won’t. Caring about folks dying over loud music, dying in general, just seems normal to me. At times I have to question that sense of normalcy. At times society disgusts me. Just another day, nothing special going on here.

Yeah, I know. My fellow liberals make me get my hopes up…and I shouldn’t let them. Pleasant surprise is a state towards which I aspire.


SWTOR free to play ‘coming this fall’ finally here

November 10, 2012

As per Massively, it lands on the 15th, next Thursday. From what I’ve read, going from subscriber to free is a big downgrade – a lot of game features are lost, and some can be bought back temporarily. I’ll have to keep looking for a good explanation of all the differences, because I can easily find the basics but I keep hearing about more.

I am sure to go FTP after it arrives, not sure what we’ll do with the game after that. Sue and I have made it to 50 on our Imp mains, and I was left somewhat disappointed with the scoundrel/operative classes because they carry guns but just don’t have any incentive to shoot them. There was no happy medium.

As for where my money goes, who knows? We’re entertaining going back to WoW and buying into Pandaria, how bad is that?


Adding to Dave’s unending grimness

September 15, 2012

Figured I’d mention my latest brief submission on Daily Kos, didn’t think I would have time today but then it is pretty short. Particular note to Dave as it’s about Virginia, yay! Well, boo actually. Something to add in our weekly contest to out-bleak the other. In this case, it’s a religious exemption from education one’s children. At all. I can’t think of a better way to avoid pesky science like the theory of evolution, can you?

(he asks expecting to be one-upped later)


More executions on the way in AZ

January 11, 2012

As a follow-up to a diary I posted last year, the state Supreme Court decided yesterday to go ahead with a pair of executions they delayed in late November, and I have posted a new diary about the latest news. I expect this one will get ignored like the last one. For some reason, only compelling stories, doubt about the guilt of inmates, seems to get attention. But for a lot of folks, when someone seems guilty beyond whatever they call reasonable doubt, then it’s no big deal.

These two fellows are most likely doomed. It’s not that I am particularly sympathetic for them after reading their stories; it’s just that the practice is useless, unnecessary, wasteful. The state has been trying to kill them since the late 80’s. Something like 20+ years. That takes some dedication, and to what kind of principle? There’s nothing noble to it that I can see.

Ah well. Another diary to get ignored and shuffled off the list of recent work before long, I expect.


What fresh outrage is this?

October 4, 2011

The news is actually about a week old, but when a story gets buried and I’m busy house-sitting instead of surfing the Net, it takes me awhile sometimes, ok?

So today I posted on Daily Kos, since no one else seems to have in the past week, that a hunger strike in California’s prisons has been renewed. This story is from July of this year, when it started in Pelican Bay and spread through other prisons in California and other states, protesting the inhumane conditions at the solitary confinement wing at Pelican Bay. It took nearly a month, and some prisoners definitely pushed it to their limits not eating, but negotiations broke out and it seemed to have been resolved.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and we find that the prison guards have been cracking down on the instigators of the hunger strike, and otherwise making prisoners’ lives a bit more hellish in the interim. Meanwhile, there are negotiations and legislative hearings and token gestures of appeasement. I can see why that didn’t go over too well.

So, back where we started again, I suppose. I would expect this of some third-world country, or perhaps Texas, or Arizona for that matter. California I would have thought to be some kind of liberal bastion, but I guess it’s not all that. Then again, when it comes to third-world countries, the U.S. does…well, aspire isn’t the right word. I need its antonym. There isn’t a good one for that. But you get the idea, I hope.


Education fail

March 30, 2011

My latest offering for Daily Kos goes up on the Baja AZ list, since I’m talking education in the desert today. When the business community warns the state gov’t that their education cuts are going to make it hard for businesses to find qualified workers, i.e. create jobs and locate businesses in the state, and the governor and assorted lackeys don’t care…well, it spells trubble.