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Nothing lasts forever

February 15, 2013


I realize that most of my writing lately has been focused on the issue of gun control, and in particular it’s been a relentless attack on the NRA. I don’t expect this to go on indefinitely. Sooner or later, something will actually happen in Congress, and either this issue will get some action or nothing will happen, like usual. Then it will be done for awhile. We’ll go on battling the NRA, we’ll go on looking for House seats and states where they are vulnerable and attack them. But the federal push must end for awhile in time. We will be lucky if the current sense of momentum lasts until some legislation gets passed – in either the House or Senate, even – much less something getting passed and signed into law by the President. I write about guns, now, partly because I have always been interested in something getting done; but partly because something could happen, right now, in a society where usually nothing (or less than nothing) good gets done about gun violence. Now is the time, to do something, and to speak out about doing something. So I write, and speak out, and more.

Life goes on, though, and there will be other things to talk about. And while WoW is once again the MMO I’m playing, I still have LOTRO and SWTOR and could get back into the Secret World anytime, since all three of them are free to play now. And I’m not even playing WoW that much. I’m having as much fun devising stories for Werewolf, and for the venerable old WoD chronicle of Morgan and Joshua, the characters Sue and I have been playing off and on since the late 90’s. Or reading and writing on Daily Kos, for that matter.

Raiding in WoW is interesting enough I suppose, and Sue and I are leveling another pair of newbies, this time to take in the Pandaren experience and some different parts of Azeroth that we didn’t check out in Cataclysm. It has its moments, but I don’t feel the same sense of connection, the drive to excel and raid hardcore and build a crew of support toons to take my death knight to the top. So instead of the usual screenshot of some dead raid boss or achievement, I have a picture of Tindalos in the goofy goblin-esque rocket (that looks more like a bomb with a seat) that he picked up off a Blingtron. It’s at least as interesting as the (looking-for-) raids and rep grinds and gear. And from the drop rate, it’s at least as rare as anything I could possibly get anywhere, so…not bad!

And in other WoW news, my poor death knight still has the quest to acquire Shadowmourne. And while the Wreck List hasn’t been much help (on their last legacy raid into ICC, I was on and they left me out), I’ve discovered that he can actually solo the first boss in ICC-25. And on my second try, he got another shard. So, hey, only 37 more to go! Off a boss with a chance to drop one for each kill, one try per week. Well, at least it’s inevitable now. It may take another year but I don’t think the game can stop me now unless they nerf DKs.

Something to pass the time.


Alas, Dirty Jobs no more

December 5, 2012

Kinda bummed to hear this morning that one of my favorite shows got canceled. Granted, I could have heard about this a couple weeks ago, if I had a better connection to reality (shows). But it popped up on NPR this morning, which led to some net searching and I verified the news. It’s a shame to see it go, but at least it had a good run. Although, as Discovery seems to be replacing it with endless marathons of moonshiners, yelling motorcycle mechanics and apparently the Amish mafia…I can’t help wondering if the channel has jumped the shark like TLC, if we’ll see Mythbusters get replaced by another reality show of home-schooled creationists at college or some other ridiculous premise.

Ah well. I have seen a few reruns of it on another channel, Destination America or somesuch. And best wishes to Mike & the crew for being entertaining and informative…but mostly, entertaining.



Calling it a day

December 5, 2011

The Old Republic beta testing is finally over, leaving me with a couple of weeks to find something else to do. This evening I took care of some business that turned out to be a lot sadder than I’d expected.

Tindalos has found his spot to settle down.

With access to the new replica gear vendors and the transmog reskinning of armor pieces, I picked up his DK starter blues from back when he was just taking off for Outland and transmogrified his mix of Cataclysm gear to resemble the best gear set death knights ever had. Better even than the junior-Lich King model from Icecrown Citadel. Would have liked to leave him with Shadowmourne, but I figured out a long while ago that it just wasn’t in the cards.

I have parked him in Grizzly Hills, down the hill from Conquest Hold, where he can relax with the Horde left behind in Northrend and fish for Glacial Salmon. I liked death knights enough, I guess, that the game felt…done after the end of WotLK, slaying Arthas and finishing what the death knights set out to do.

While I took my last cruise around the zone looking for a spot, it figures that my favorite piece of music would cue up (the first song from the Night Music set). Good sendoff from the game. I have some pre-paid subscription time left until January, but little reason to play again. Maybe in the future I’ll be back at it, playing pandaren monks or the next big thing after that, but for now, all done…and that will probably close the book on WoW posts here as well. Seven years playing WoW, a good run.

I played a lot of toons in WoW before settling on my DK (and his/her many races, genders and faction switches) as the character and story I liked most. I wonder who my next avatar will be in a galaxy far, far away?


Pricing Playstations and the Old Republic

July 27, 2011

After playing WoW for this long, these phenomena seem like bad omens for Azeroth and me. I had to look back at my last WoW-related post to see that it had already been about a month at the beginning of July, since I bailed on raiding and actively playing the game. Since then, Sue has done a little raiding, we’ve played our troll alts with the Wreck List and raided a few old dungeons for fun, and I’ve wasted some time trying out different rep grinds.

So now we have SWTOR on pre-order, and I’m looking to get a new gaming console. Kinda sad! But what else is there, when the game just isn’t doing it anymore. I can’t find the motivation to raid with our present set of misanthropes, nor do I feel like leaving them and finding some new crew, getting back on a schedule. I don’t miss having to be online at all. I have a few more things I’d like to do, and maybe some of them I still won’t get to do, like finishing the Shadowmourne quest line. I may look into how difficult ICC 25 pugs are to organize and run these days, and perhaps run a few to get the rest of my shards.

Unless something changes, though, one day soon I will park my death knight somewhere in Grizzly Hills, maybe with the legendary axe or maybe just with a fishing pole by a salmon pool, and that’ll be it. Not going to give away my stuff or delete my toons; one never knows, could go back to it one day. And I’m not going to feel bad about playing the game for years. I’ve played it until it wasn’t fun anymore.


Crazy border collies

July 19, 2011

…is a redundant term, I know. But I found this video that reminded me of our old pal Chief. I know the tree thing was my fault, but then again. Maybe it’s something genetic.

Goofy border collie antics are still the main reason I enjoy the Bedlam Farm site (should be a link around here somewhere). Even his most focused working dog, Rose, has her imaginary squirrel that she’s been chasing for years.


Gratuitous Amber tribute

February 16, 2011

Amber, of I Like Bubbles, the blog that got me thinking hey, I could do that, has been complaining…

Yesterday, I dusted off Lyrandre and sent her to go swim her way through some questing.

Today, I hear about PW:S getting nerfed.

Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.

Blizzard just had to nerf disc priest shields, just to make sure her priest continues to gather dust. Much like my squids since we started up the wolfie alts. So, here is my lame attempt to cheer her up. I recently found room in my DPS spec for Anti-Magic Zone, which of course is pitiful but it makes people feel better for some reason!…once I get done explaining when people ask ‘what was that?’ I mean, fellow DKs don’t even recognize it.

Yo dawg, I heard you like bubbles, so I put a bubble in your bubble so you can bubble while you bubble. If you were unholy spec.

I know you like frost, Amber, but…just saying! Bubbles? Or ice cubes? The choice is yours…


Cosmos, planting seeds

November 9, 2010

In another episode of It Came from Pharyngula, PZ reminds us that today would be Carl Sagan’s birthday.To celebrate, he links this video.

It’s a worthy reminder of how Sagan brought up ideas in Cosmos that are being reiterated today, and yet today they are seen as somehow strident. If some god created the universe, where did the god come from? And if it somehow created itself, or has always existed, or it’s an unanswerable question, why not save a step and apply that to the universe?

There’s a reason why theologians like William Lane Craig rely on a variant of the cosmological argument about things that ‘begin to exist’ in order to grant their god-concept a special exemption — or special pleading, in other words. It’s why they fixate on the Big Bang and try to make the case for a universe that hasn’t always existed, the better to shoehorn in their god-concept as the cause. Of course, causality seems to break down at this level…and they’re certainly willing to exempt their gods from it. Why not the universe? Save a step.

This kind of simple parsimony, economy of concepts, explanations…it characterizes Sagan’s thinking on the matter. And mine as well. Somehow he got away with it, planting seeds of reasonable skepticism into his TV series. I’d like to give Carl some credit for my own change of ways, but it’s hard to be sure.

If nothing else, he provided us with some tools — curiosity, skepticism, reason — and with those tools, we can learn to save a step. Of course, Cosmos was also suffused with a sense of wonder, probably the main reason I still look back on it fondly. I defy any believer to defend their supposed meaningless, shiftless life of the skeptic. The universe is wondrous enough.