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Bizarro world

May 29, 2010

Something I like is popular? Hey wait a minute…

CSI: Miami’s season eight finale airs tonight, May 24, and “All Fall Down” will include the song “The Creeper” from Chicago band Pelican.

I had actually tuned in to CSI Miami that night for no good reason, just bored with TV I guess…and whoa, there it was! Had to do a bit of research just to be sure I wasn’t fooling myself.

As an added bonus, the cliffhanger was most of the Miami police/CSIs apparently dropping dead. Now, will I remember to look for the next season to figure that part out, or just forget…


Reminder to self

March 19, 2010

Why am I not asleep yet…have to remember to look for this new Deftones album soon! Just a placeholder in my memory, here. Anyone else watching who likes shrieking metal, give it a listen if you want.

Edit: Since found out that while music is already being released, the CD itself won’t be out until May. That should be just enough time for the singles to be played on the radio, burned out and forgotten, eh?