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We hate Planned Parenthood THIIIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH!

June 19, 2012

Out of boredom and rage I spat forth another diary on Daily Kos today. It’s kind of a small matter when it comes to the federal budget, and yet the small-potatoes program affects millions of people. So many Republicans are jerks. I’ll say ‘so many,’ because I know they’re not all jerks (hi sweetie) and so the remark demands some qualification.

Eh, who am I kidding. I can’t remember the last time Sue read this…I bet I can write down here that I already got her birthday present, a pair of Bitchin’ Kitchen cookbooks she mentioned in passing. She probably thinks I forgot. We’ll see in a couple days.

She likes cookbooks.


Thor cooks!

February 5, 2011

…violently. In another episode of It Came from Pharyngula, have we discovered Dave’s secret YouTube life? A glimpse of the Battle Chef to be?

Oh, there’s a whole series of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, and now I must watch them all. Now we must cook. With more knives. And pre-dinner mayo. And SCREAMING!

The comments on Pharyngula are great, too. More leads on…interesting videos.


On rewarding loyalty

January 26, 2011

As the horde guild progress begins to stagnate, it’s been interesting to observe how the officer crew handles the problem — well, fails to handle it, really. Guild XP does not meet the daily cap so much these days, since most of the mad leveling is over and people aren’t doing 25 dailies/day to make up for it (as if even that could). So what do they do about it? They tell people to do more guild dungeon runs.

Granted, the resident MT whores himself out to about as many dungeon runs as he can personally attend but it’s one person, one tank. The guild is still spoiled.

I probably contribute a fair bit of daily guild XP from running dailies in Tol Barad on my DK, then questing and such on my alts. That moves the bar. But I have my reasons. The guild identifies a problem — and a solution — but fails to offer any real incentive for the solution. Oh, there’s the real benefit of guild perks, but what if that’s not enough?

Another example: guild achievements. There are achievements for professions, for creating set (large) amounts of profession-related goods. Cooking, fishing, alchemy, all manner of profs in mass production result in achievements, including some useful perks. Cooking unlocks a feast recipe; fishing another; alchemy flasking another perk.

So how do they manage this? Well, again, the officers tell people to simply do things, complain when they don’t. One of them decides to tap the guild bank, buy herbs, make flasks, and sell those, at some profit apparently in the end. Now there’s incentive. Incidentally, she took most of the pain of the crafting away by tapping the bank and not farming herbs. Hey, I’d do that too. If I had access to the bank. And I weren’t working on Darkmoon cards, heh.

This can’t be done for, say, fishing. But we still need to fish up 10,000 fish or whatever. No easy way out there. Now, I can imagine a proper incentive, like a fisher’s fee, fish up X fish and we give you gold for them. If they were clever, they could buy Cataclysm-quality fish, cook and sell them, and maybe even still turn a mild profit while engaging the guild in getting the achievement…



Achievement spam

August 12, 2010

So yesterday, after some weeks of watching the hordies flail away at the blood queen in ICC 25, the raid finally got her down. I must have been the only one not joining in the spam of achievement for completing the blood wing. I’m not even sure what differentiated the successful boss fight from the weeks’ worth of failures prior — it wasn’t a perfect fight, several people died, and I think the raid’s shaman experienced premature bloodlust. Ah well. Good enough.

It’s nice to have the occasional pleasant surprise to spice up the routine sense of resignation. But then I also get to tank some, and push my DK’s dps capabilities, perfecting my technique through all the practice we get. I daresay some of us have gotten very good at vampire biting.

The run was also marked by a couple of new arrivals — faction transfers from alliance side — who got into the raid through a guildie ‘friend’. I have to put it in quotes because it’s more like ‘hey, I ran ICC 10 with these two guys last week and they seemed cool’. It was highly amusing to watch these two horde newbies snark and fail their way through the run, knowing that an invite back is…unlikely.

I may not be terribly social, and I agreed with them on much of the snark, but I understand tact well enough to not unleash right out of the gate. I waited a few weeks before saying much of anything, and let my performance speak for itself. First impressions and all. Makes things a bit tricksy to rip into everything and everyone on your first run with new acquaintances, especially when your dps buddy is having trouble outperforming the tanks.

I still don’t say much beyond the occasional joke or bit of advice disguised as a question, though. We’re not raiding much, and I am not very invested in it. Gives me time to fool around with other things, like my nicely geared rogue, the old undead priest (now sporting some T10) or my own frivolous achievements, like…Chef Tindalos! I’ll have to put up a screenshot with his chef’s hat on sometime. Allez cuisine!


I do other things on weekends

March 9, 2010

So now that I know a few people are checking this out, don’t be alarmed if I don’t post much on the weekend. My weekend, that is; Sunday & Monday. I get other things done then. This was one of them.

My impromptu slow-cooker pot roast turned out good. A bit dry on the meat but maybe I’ll do something to fix that. There was no real recipe involved, and I didn’t have any flour handy to build some gravy for it, since I don’t bake at all. I like slow cooking. Some days you just don’t feel like slaving over a stove.

This is also the debut of my new camera. Not going out today, as I’m not feeling well. So no majestic skylines for you (or shots of Tucson traffic). Maybe later.