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Interest dwindles

May 19, 2010

Since I might as well continue with the quiet desperation theme of my WoW postings, ha! Mage Revised all over again. This week I’ve begun to explore other options for finishing my Shadowmourne quest. As it happens, my private forum posting for the officers was seemingly ignored for several days, and then got some responses there and in-game.

The hardcore guild’s GM-MT type — I don’t think he is technically GM, but he might as well be — is clearly burned out on Lich King content and on herding cats. To that extent I can sympathize, been avoiding officer duties myself like the Blight! As a DK player and an ex-officer type I am familiar with these plagues, you see.

Still, they are interested in helping me finish the damn quest, although it didn’t happen yesterday due to the raid being 3-5 short depending on who was AFK/puking/DCing/lagging/Skylab crashing on their house etc. Under the circumstances, it was impressive enough that we cleared the lower wing, Valithria and the bommies before blowing it on Putricide and calling it a night.

Of course, I still suspect that I am being strung along or that the guild officers are simply helpless to assist me, and so there is a GDKP (bidding for gear with gold) pug run that I am looking into for next week. How much for Frost Infusion? Heh.

On the brighter side of things, I’ve observed from a distance with some amusement as the horde guild I left behind self-destructs. Sue has kept me up to date, since she stayed put. Most of the guild /gquit and reformed under new name and leadership, which neither of us has any interest in. The old guild, in the fashion of a dying star, has cast off its alts after a hacking episode and is down to distributing the guild bank contents before retiring the guild completely.

She thinks it’s karma. I don’t know; but it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people, I figure. As the saying goes. Whatever else happens, I feel nothing if not vindication at my departure, faction transfer, and progression far beyond anything that guild or its spawn has accomplished. I may still fall short of my end goals for WotLK, but I’m closer than I would have been.


Turnabout is fair play

March 13, 2010

A quick WoW-oriented post — I have another on my mind, but not written just yet. May not get to that today, as I am working and have a concert to go to later.

Recent activity by hackers against WoW players has introduced an interesting phenomenon. Not only are authenticators being defeated by the use of keylogger viruses, but the hackers are stealing accounts and locking them with their authenticators, locking out the valid users that have been hacked.

A member of my friends’ guild got hacked thusly, and cleverly responded to the new authenticator prompt by typing in false codes until the account locked up. I suppose the hacker was not clever or quick enough to change the account’s password. Their loss; most of the items they tried to steal were still on the hacked toon when it was recovered.

So, word to the wise. Get an authenticator if you can. It’s not ultimate safety, but it helps. If you don’t, and you find yourself staring at an authenticator prompt one day, could be a good way to lock up your account — and then go call Blizzard, because you are now a statistic.