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On ninja werewolves

September 2, 2010

(werewolf in a dress. it’s just wrong)

Since the present state of WoW is somewhat boring, my interest these days runs toward preparing for Cataclysm instead. Sue and I are sure to level our mains, but as a side project there are the new races. Although we are hordies in the main, the goblins just aren’t doing it for me. I guess not for her either. So we contemplate the worgen.

Seems as if Sue wants to try a rogue; I tease her often about all the ranged dps classes she plays and she pokes fun back at me for all the melee-intensive dps and tanks I prefer. Having finished leveling my belf rogue to gear her up and try her out some in raids, I like rogues fine. But there’s only so much time in the day, or week, and we’re not playing much, so not much rogue playtime lately.

Before I got into serious raiding and sought the utility roles, though, I played a hunter, the ubiquitous easy ranged class, favorite of gold farmers everywhere (before hacking accounts became a more effective ‘farming’ strategy). And I’m leaning toward a worgen hunter.

Available classes for worgen as we know them are Death knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior. I can knock off mage, priest and warlock just because I think they will look a bit silly. I could play another rogue — a ninja werewolf duo terrorizing the leveling zone countryside — but probably won’t. Not much sense in a worgen DK, not even sure I could already having the orc DK. Could try a warrior, see how broke they are now…and some of the druid forms look intriguing, though part of the worgen fun is being a werewolf. So, hunter. Probably.

Unless I give in to the urge to rend and tear up-close and try warriors again.

(at least we don’t sparkle.)


Turnabout is fair play

March 13, 2010

A quick WoW-oriented post — I have another on my mind, but not written just yet. May not get to that today, as I am working and have a concert to go to later.

Recent activity by hackers against WoW players has introduced an interesting phenomenon. Not only are authenticators being defeated by the use of keylogger viruses, but the hackers are stealing accounts and locking them with their authenticators, locking out the valid users that have been hacked.

A member of my friends’ guild got hacked thusly, and cleverly responded to the new authenticator prompt by typing in false codes until the account locked up. I suppose the hacker was not clever or quick enough to change the account’s password. Their loss; most of the items they tried to steal were still on the hacked toon when it was recovered.

So, word to the wise. Get an authenticator if you can. It’s not ultimate safety, but it helps. If you don’t, and you find yourself staring at an authenticator prompt one day, could be a good way to lock up your account — and then go call Blizzard, because you are now a statistic.