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This could be your Skyrim experience…

December 26, 2013

Since Dave may well still be playing Skyrim, finding videos of this particular mod made me think of him, of course.

Been awhile since I posted anything new here, but I think a browser switch may have finally helped. Firefox just wasn’t working well here anymore, but Chrome has been an improvement.


I know, it’s late

April 14, 2013

…but I found this in some late-night internet wandering and I wanted to share it with my pals playing the Werewolf chronicle with me.


Now I want to introduce some new characters just to poke some fun at this name list.  🙂  Ah well, too easily amused.


The Secret World – digging the story

August 31, 2012

Having basically dropped SWTOR and Diablo 3 entirely, I am not sitting around playing this game as obsessively as I did WoW. But it keeps me coming back for more, and it’s not necessarily the combat mechanics or the quality of the graphics. Cloaked in the usual MMO tropes of quests and kill X beasties is a story I can get into. Which is not to say that there aren’t some interesting or innovative or simply clever uses of typical MMO features, and some problems too. Nevertheless, this is what I’m playing when I have some time to myself and the desire to sit at my computer instead of just watch TV or ride the bike.

The character concepts, to begin with – anyone who knows I liked White Wolf’s Mage game would understand why I like this game. The characters have powers, but not capes and masks. They use tools and plain old weapons, but the weapons don’t stay plain. They’re rather customizable, although I couldn’t get the look I was trying to get quite right…but it’s not bad. And although I am starting out by following some of their skill ‘decks’ for inspiration, there’s no need at all to do so or to stick with those ideas. And in-game shops offered some more options for clothes and such, and I understand they’re planning to add a WoW-style ‘barber shop’ or ‘tattoo parlor’ for changing the toon’s physical features. I’d like that, as I couldn’t quite get it to where I wanted.

It would be nice if I could reset my skill points and try new things, but as time passes I will finish my first character’s ‘deck,’ and from there I can start to branch out and experiment. He uses blades (swords) and elemental magic (lightning, fire). Even if I learn every blade and elemental skill (probably will, eventually) I should still be able to learn more in the future — learn everything, in time — and be able to do anything I feel like.

In the meantime, there are alts…there are always alts, not many though.

Crafting in the game…exists, and has helped, although not as much as it could. If my main character were a ‘tank’ he’d be a happy fella. So many of the random item drops I’ve gotten on him were tank items. Useless. Oh, crafting lets one disassemble them into parts for new items, but…tank items turn into tank-oriented parts. So, to make some new damage-dealing item I need to find damage-dealing items I don’t need. Those have been scarce. But even with the apparent non-randomness of the drops, still, it’s helped. As my main character has just left the second quest area, I was able to craft him a genuine upgrade using parts collected for, heh. Awhile.

Questing in the game…starts out tough, and often there are frustrating and difficult missions, where the mobs seem to pile on in ways that make it very difficult to finish things. Some missions I simply died repeatedly to finish. Lots of them, I just ran for it, often. But the variety of missions helps. It’s not all ‘kill X monsters’ or ‘gather X pieces/parts’. There’s a lot of puzzle solving and online research, facilitated by an in-game browser function, although at this point it’s often just as easy to find an online quest walkthrough as to follow the actual clues. It’s of no consequence. I puzzle-solve and investigate until it gets old or I get stuck, and that’s fine.

The voice acting…well, it’s odd in that the conversations are all one-sided. My character never speaks. He…interacts, a bit, but mainly gets talked to. It’s nice enough, although I can imagine skipping some dialogue on the second, or third run-through. Mainly I find it an immersion tool; talking to the quest givers lets you learn about them and the world you’re playing in, and at least I find the stories entertaining enough that I’m not skipping past them.

The intro story…well, it’s Lovecraftian and so it hooks me right off. I dig that sort of thing. Who knows what it’ll be like when I finish this three-zone quest area and move on — my main character has just hit zone three of that. But good so far. Landing in essentially Innsmouth right out of Lovecraft’s stories, with zombies and fishy mutated things and woods full of huge spiderish nasties, there’s more than enough monsters to go around. It’s not the ‘world of darkness,’ but having liked that setting this one’s not far off, with similarities I like and differences I don’t mind.

No vampires, yet. Not missing them. Hope they don’t sparkle, if they do show up. Although they may, if I shoot some lightning bolts at them.


Took the plunge

June 18, 2012

…was sufficiently interested in solitude-based entertainment yesterday so as to buy Diablo 3, since (thankfully) my new video card can handle it. I haven’t played it much, and I have no plans to abandon SWTOR. But I can admit that SWTOR isn’t enthralling me, so what the hell. At least this one doesn’t involve a subscription fee.

I’d suggest this was Dave, but he’s a bit grayer and …has more hair, in spite of that! Ah well, I shouldn’t tease. Mine is going too. Don’t bend over dude, you’ll impale yourself on your belt. Wouldn’t that armor make for some interesting combat maneuvers?

I tried out the wizard and barbarian and from what little I’ve played, I like the barbarian. I don’t like having to do all my moving with the mouse, though. I can see why they are looking to port it to a console. This game could use an Xbox controller.


Busy SWTOR weekend

April 17, 2012

It was only a long trek to 50 because I made it that way, but finally the Dark Schneider made it to 50 last night. Although I am not sure I will keep playing him a lot at 50 – wanted to try out Scoundrel healing but the server population made it impossible to try – it was definitely worthwhile to play through the end of the stories on Corellia and the smuggler’s class story. Props to the Wookiee Bowdaar for sticking it out with me, responding quite affectionately to…most of my choices! After a long history of being the good guy, making the light choices, and sparing folks, working with shady types, and getting betrayed repeatedly for it…Daku went on a dark-tinged killing spree on Corellia. Darmas Pollaran, who made the Republic privateer job sound so good before he twisted it all to serve the Empire? Contemptuously asking for a price to spare him? Blam! Senator Dodonna, who recruited you for the privateer job before throwing in with the Empire? Ends up a kitchen slave? Even plays the True Love card? Blam! And the Voidwolf, the beneficiary of all that betrayal…well, let’s say his plan to unite the underworld to work for the Empire backfired, along with the grenade that he should have had on a shorter fuse. Oops.

So that’s the wrap-up on 50 levels of scheming, plotting, finagling and flirting. The smuggler becomes the hero of the Republic for freeing Corellia, and ruining the Voidwolf’s plot, and getting the other smuggler types to work for the Republic…at least, for a while. A nice final touch was hearing from the entire crew, most of which I sadly hadn’t seen much of since I started working with Bowdaar, my kick-ass melee partner. And after a little chat, the crew heads back to the ship for more adventure…and there is more. How much more I don’t know yet. Clearly not enough for some, but plenty for me, so far.

Besides, still haven’t finished courting Risha, and that simply will not do.



April 16, 2012

Just passing along some really nice music from the Gundam Unicorn OST volume 2, that I used yesterday as inspiration for an RPG fight scene. The last minute in particular is wonderfully intense. Maybe I’ll loop it this evening as I go into SWTOR and try to get my smuggler at long last to level 50. One more level to go.


Cats, always loafing

December 19, 2011

…even in middle-earth, it seems. Since SWTOR will be in the stores tomorrow I expect to be installing it and witnessing long queues and server crashes. Tonight I was taking care of my affairs in LOTRO and having a look in the Lone-Lands. My remaining deed points in Bree-land are ridiculous, so they can wait (killing hundreds of barrow-wights and spiders). Came back to Bree to crash in the Prancing Pony, and I spotted this cat doing what cats do. Even the pixelated breed.