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June 6, 2013

Ok, so the big spring job should be done now, so perhaps I’ll have some time to write a bit again. Don’t know yet…can’t be sure that they finished things up yesterday at work. In the meantime, I found this photo on a tumblr today and it amused me. Granted it was part of the Moon Moon silliness but huskies are just goofy. They don’t need an excuse.



Huskies only come with two settings…

April 4, 2012

I just wanted to save this picture somewhere before I forget about it. We had a good laugh at these bug-eyed, crazed pooches. (it says hyper awake/hyper asleep)


Crazy border collies

July 19, 2011

…is a redundant term, I know. But I found this video that reminded me of our old pal Chief. I know the tree thing was my fault, but then again. Maybe it’s something genetic.

Goofy border collie antics are still the main reason I enjoy the Bedlam Farm site (should be a link around here somewhere). Even his most focused working dog, Rose, has her imaginary squirrel that she’s been chasing for years.


The high ground

May 6, 2010

kitty cat on my car

Just a quick update, because it amused me. When I pulled the car into the carport at home this evening, a certain furry critter was waiting for me. And as soon as I had the machine parked, this little twit jumps up and climbs on the roof. Well, it’s in the shade and it’s higher up. Plus, he held still long enough for some pictures. He didn’t mind getting petted a little either.

He’s probably watching the neighbor’s dog in this picture. The dog doesn’t know what to make of us. The cats spook him. Does he think I am a traitor to canine-kind?

Oh, I should also mention that I got a new phone today, but it was just a contract renewal and I think it was done properly. Everyone that doesn’t call me should still be able to. No, I’m not posting it here! Anyone who I would want to call me has my number.


Must balance out dad…

March 17, 2010

I seem to forget each year to wear some green today. We’re more polish anyway. Where’s the fun drunken holiday fare for them?