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Hunter in stiletto heels

June 27, 2012

Trying out the different classes in Diablo 3, as the wizard didn’t seem…that impressive to start. Granted, all the classes start out just short of naked and with only a couple of abilities. But I’m giving them all a shot to see what seems fun.

So this screenshot is how the demon hunter looks to start. What are they trying to do here? Make you not want to put any gear on her? And the heels? Damn! Her feet must hurt as much as my fingers.

From all the mouse-clicking. It’s the mouse.


Took the plunge

June 18, 2012

…was sufficiently interested in solitude-based entertainment yesterday so as to buy Diablo 3, since (thankfully) my new video card can handle it. I haven’t played it much, and I have no plans to abandon SWTOR. But I can admit that SWTOR isn’t enthralling me, so what the hell. At least this one doesn’t involve a subscription fee.

I’d suggest this was Dave, but he’s a bit grayer and …has more hair, in spite of that! Ah well, I shouldn’t tease. Mine is going too. Don’t bend over dude, you’ll impale yourself on your belt. Wouldn’t that armor make for some interesting combat maneuvers?

I tried out the wizard and barbarian and from what little I’ve played, I like the barbarian. I don’t like having to do all my moving with the mouse, though. I can see why they are looking to port it to a console. This game could use an Xbox controller.