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Xmas in the desert

December 27, 2013

Dad was interested in seeing some photos today, so I took one of the xmas cactus as I have no proper tree. On the bright side, decorating this one doesn’t result in a dead tree every year.

Personal 009Just the string of lights I added to it on a whim last year; it’s not that spectacular. Sue tells me it’s understated. I think she’s just being nice.

Anyway, with some time off I also entertained the neighbor’s cat today, who is not enjoying the windy day and the cold night. It’s not below freezing, but it’s cold for us!

Personal 005Mudbug enjoying the la-z-boy and his favorite blanket too. He wants to move in, but there is no litter box and there will be no cat food. Besides, I know where his real home is; it’s right behind mine. He’s just too bad a cat to stay there apparently. So, he gets to hang out until he gets to be a pain here and then I kick him out too.

So, not doing much for the holidays, and that’s all right. The weather has not been conducive to much yard work, not that there is much to do. After last winter, it’s mostly taken care of with minimal maintenance. The fancy term is xeriscaping but for me, it means less yard work.




A rare visit

February 17, 2013

I see my latest posting on the issue of JAMA picked up a troll (I think I’ll moderate that gun enthusiast for posterity). heh. Too bad for you.

Also, this morning we got a rare visit from the other orange poison kitty in the neighborhood. While Mudbug has been hanging out with us for a while now…


I haven’t seen his little brother for a good while now, but Stinkbug was out and about today. He must be much nicer with his owners because we don’t see him out much.


The little one isn’t as stocky as his brother, and as an added bonus he can’t seem to keep his tongue in his head. I don’t think he was commenting on my housekeeping, anyway. But after taking him back outside and running into Mudbug, I see the two of them still don’t get along whatsoever. Go back home, little bug. The coast is clear.


Back to the indoors

October 21, 2012


For some odd reason, this fall Mudbug has gone back to expressing inordinate interest in hanging out in my house instead of his little brother. Mudbug has gone from cute kitty to emo loner and back to wannabe indoor kitty. It could be the change in seasons, or perhaps he’s just staking out the house to spite the other orange kitty. Or it could be he’s such a pain to his real owners that they keep tossing him out. I can believe that.


Yard work pays off, somewhat

February 26, 2012

Just in time, as my weed-clearing of the yard has progressed to the backyard, I received my yard sign this week and planted it in front on Saturday afternoon. Sue seems to think it’s quite visible from the street, so I’ll leave it there for awhile and check it out as I come and go. I already have a matching sticker on my car.

Also including a gratuitous picture of the neighbor’s little cat from earlier in the month; must have forgotten this on my camera a few weeks ago. Some days he really wants to make himself at home. It’s like having grandkids, I suppose. Have some fun and then send them home. In his case, he was snoozing today away in my yard for the most part.

Note to mom if she’s still reading this blog: this is just an example of posting some pictures online, through the blog. My other option at present is my Photobucket album. I’m trying to get into the habit of posting up my camera pics there. Hopefully, will do as much during the vacation if that pans out.


Cats, always loafing

December 19, 2011

…even in middle-earth, it seems. Since SWTOR will be in the stores tomorrow I expect to be installing it and witnessing long queues and server crashes. Tonight I was taking care of my affairs in LOTRO and having a look in the Lone-Lands. My remaining deed points in Bree-land are ridiculous, so they can wait (killing hundreds of barrow-wights and spiders). Came back to Bree to crash in the Prancing Pony, and I spotted this cat doing what cats do. Even the pixelated breed.



September 16, 2011

Picked this up from Skepchick; I guess atheists like cats, the soulless, malicious little beasties that they are.

Cats, I mean. Anyway, fair warning, it’s excessively cute. And in French, but that doesn’t matter really.


Water falls from sky!

September 9, 2011

It was a suitably gloomy day in the desert today, and this evening it actually rained some. The rain is welcome, to most – we’re still technically in some level of drought here, and the monsoon has not been all that impressive in town. Sue thinks the force-field provided by too much pavement has driven it out. I have to admit, even in my relatively brief near-decade living here, I’ve seen changes.

Anyway, the rain was not appreciated by a certain orange kitty, who made sure to complain to me about it. So I let him in for a little while. I think the thunder scared him under a table. I gathered some evidence of it, and he didn’t appreciate that either.

So after getting a dose of the Laser Cat Eyes I put him outside, and it was amusing to see him gallop off. Ack! Wet! Everything’s Wet!!

Poor Stinkbug. He’ll find some shelter. Probably on my car, in the carport.