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Star Wars in-joke

March 11, 2013

I have a new post up on Daily Kos today, which I’ll get around to cross-posting here…but it’s been a busy day. So as I am winding down let me just offer this without comment, and see if Joel gets the joke.

It’s not that subtle.


Once again, with gators

June 30, 2010

As part of the Firestorm blazing oily hurricane of death theme (it’s either laugh or cry about the Gulf at this point), I see I have been one-upped by xkcd. I should have remembered James Carville! But I was thinking bad sci fi…well, B-movie bad sci fi…well, maybe worse still. This is a high-end treatment.


You were warned

June 25, 2010

Disclaimer: this is more than a bit tongue in cheek. But after my earlier SyFy-inspired lunacy about Gulf hurricanes and setting Louisiana on fire, I not only continue to see search terms popping up my blog (heh) but the plot thickens. Stories of oily rain.

Mind you, I am skeptical and think it’s probably a spoof, easily faked for a YouTube video and its audience. Maybe I am contributing to one of those silly internet memes. I guess we’ll know in the next year or so, if & when SyFy puts out Firestorm. Or if Louisiana burns…


Busting a gut

June 16, 2010

Not much to report lately as I strained a muscle, preparing for a painting job at the workplace — what I get for recklessly moving a heavy box. Just trying to rest and manage to get some sleep, which has been difficult.

But I do feel gratified at this search term that found my blog due to the flaming hurricane SyFy bad movie writeup, Firestorm!

what happens if there’s a hurricane and it sucks up the oil spill and the lightening sets it on fire?s,

Yes, someone actually typed that into a search engine. And found me. Well done.


Blazing calamari of doom

May 31, 2010

We spent today doing nothing much, just the usual hot dogs, hamburgers and marathons of this and that on TV. On a trip to the store for a few groceries we caught sight of a headline on the local paper about the upcoming hurricane season and what effect it could have in the Gulf.

For no apparent reason we spent the next half-hour riffing on it. Hurricanes, huge oil spill, tornadoes, lightning…sounds like the makings of a bad sci-fi/horror movie on SyFy. Sue thought it should be called “Firestorm,” although that’s been done a couple times. Just imagine, a killer hurricane sucking up the BP oil spill and spreading it all over the Gulf coast! Tornadoes and lightning storms setting cities on fire! Oil-covered squid set ablaze by lightning and sent flying by hurricane winds!

Kind of a tossup between Lorenzo Lamas and Dean Cain to star in it, but we never did figure out who the female co-star would be. There has to be one. But it sounds like something they’d do.