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This would be stepping in it

February 7, 2012

…if anyone read my diaries, but I suspect this one might slip by unnoticed as usual. It has been a while, about a week, since I had much to say. Just moving from one small crisis to the next, as usual. Next up: the check engine light that appeared in my car the other day, when I have the means to address it.

For now, a diary about the Republicans in AZ trying to require that guns be permitted on college campuses here. This might be kicking a hornet’s nest only in that the 2nd-amendment crowd at Daily Kos is surprisingly strong and quite hostile to criticism. I may not appreciate their bit-of-a gang mentality, but I will be curious to see if this diary is enough to make them mad.

Just another social experiment from a social misfit.

Beware the lolcatgun


As expected, it’s bad news…

January 18, 2012

…when the Arizona legislature gets back in session. I put up a new diary today on DKos about some of what I’ve seen so far. In the latest turgid episode, a Republican from Surprise(!), AZ wants to remove the one-year barrier between legislating and lobbying, because he is fighting for his ‘economic liberties.’ Meaning the freedom(!!) to jump immediately from working as a legislator to lobbying legislators.

It’s too much to expect the Founder-obsessed Republicans to remember ideas like the ‘citizen legislature,’ where people with real jobs and careers outside of politics come in to work on the gov’t for awhile and then go back to their real jobs. For too many politicians – of both parties, to be sure – politics is their desired career.