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Xmas in the desert

December 27, 2013

Dad was interested in seeing some photos today, so I took one of the xmas cactus as I have no proper tree. On the bright side, decorating this one doesn’t result in a dead tree every year.

Personal 009Just the string of lights I added to it on a whim last year; it’s not that spectacular. Sue tells me it’s understated. I think she’s just being nice.

Anyway, with some time off I also entertained the neighbor’s cat today, who is not enjoying the windy day and the cold night. It’s not below freezing, but it’s cold for us!

Personal 005Mudbug enjoying the la-z-boy and his favorite blanket too. He wants to move in, but there is no litter box and there will be no cat food. Besides, I know where his real home is; it’s right behind mine. He’s just too bad a cat to stay there apparently. So, he gets to hang out until he gets to be a pain here and then I kick him out too.

So, not doing much for the holidays, and that’s all right. The weather has not been conducive to much yard work, not that there is much to do. After last winter, it’s mostly taken care of with minimal maintenance. The fancy term is xeriscaping but for me, it means less yard work.




…one month later

September 4, 2013

Interesting, I didn’t realize that it had been this long. It happens that my last posting here had to do with Ariel Castro. How odd that I should find myself here again, talking about him. Because he happens to be dead — suicide, in prison — and anytime that happens the question of negligence on the part of the corrections officers will come up.

If Ariel Castro’s lawyer is to be believed, corrections officials in Ohio may have some serious explaining to do.  This morning–literally hours after Castro was found dead in his cell–Castro’s lawyer claimed that he’d asked for an independent psychiatric evaluation of his client, only to be turned down both times.

This writer on Daily Kos, heh, mentioned how bad the comments section looked at where they found this article about Castro. But Daily Kos often reminds me that the values I take to be ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as I might think, so…

So what? (2+ / 0-)

What about the lives he fucked up forever?

Screw his rights.

Oh, you think that’s all? No, no. Not at all!

BREAKING NEWS in this story… (0+ / 0-)

Ariel Castro, convicted of kidnapping and raping three women, as well as murder……Just so we’re all reminded who we were dealing with here amidst this diary of sympathy for this fucking scumbag.

No, I see no need to name names, but I did find at least three different folks chiming in along these lines.

In the case of Ariel Castro (0+ / 0-)

My yawn should be sufficient enough to gauge my outrage.

Good riddance.

And they all want to interpret any sense of disturbance or outrage at the prison system just letting some inmate hang himself with a bedsheet as sympathy for Ariel Castro, the kidnapper, rapist, etc. etc. As if this criminal has done something that renders him less than human. As if the basic concepts of human decency no longer apply. As if we can set aside a certain class of people and just not care about anything that happens to them. Yeah, I suppose there is some degree of sympathy. The sort of base, minimal sympathy I would give any human being, no matter who it was. I guess that’s bad.

Even more interesting, it’s needless trust of the gov’t and the justice system, more than I usually expect from the pot-smokers and hipster more-liberal-than-thous that frequent the Great Orange Satan. After all, just because this happens to the latest poster boy for the death penalty, doesn’t mean it only happens to the righteously condemned. It rains on the just and the unjust, and in our country it rains injustice on them both, too.

It’s appalling to me, to see this mindset pop up amongst supposed liberals, folks who might be expected to value basic human rights and decency. The ones who even now (like me) are yelling at the President and Congress to not go to war in Syria, to not drop bombs on and blow up more innocent people (collateral damage will happen) and add to the death toll in Syria. These same people can somehow process the contradictory notion of fuck Ariel Castro. Whatever happens to him, he deserves it. He deserved to die. Whatever gets him there, right?

I say no.

Seriously – most of the time when I have some serious difference of opinion I find myself more conservative than my liberal company, somehow. Weird that today I seem like the bleeding heart. And they use the same damning language of a conservative.

Oh, the outrage from you! Good grief… (0+ / 0-)

…Charlie Brown.

I don’t give a rat’s ass whether a kidnapping, raping, murdering scumbag is treated with ANY dignity. He can rot where he rests, for all I care.

Would this be out of place on some conservative blog like RedState? I think not.

You’re pissed because people are posting candles (0+ / 0-)

and crying over this scumbag’s death.

And this actually drew out somebody into mouthing off and getting hidden for it. Someone I typically have zero respect for, he got mad at this and yelled back and for once, I can hardly blame him. So today? Zounds, we’re on the same side. Incredible. Mind you, there was no one actually ‘posting candles and crying’, references to a little community on DK, I believe, called IGTNT, that writes about soldiers that die in the line of duty, who do post candles and rigorously enforce civility. I wonder if there’s some lingering resentment, there. The one place where no one is allowed to swagger in and swing their internet schlong around and behave badly while people are mourning a dead soldier. Even a soldier killed for a cause we don’t necessarily believe in. Just a human life, gone, and regrettably so. A bit like Ariel Castro, to the extent that we are talking about dead human beings.

Anyway, what a surprise, disgusted with DK again. I suppose it’s probably just a few people. Good thing there isn’t a poll. I know from Pharyngula how internet polls can get crashed.


I wanted to be wrong about this

July 25, 2013

This gives me a cold sweat just to think about it, but I’m actually sad to see this appear in the news.

Annually, about five million patients stay in an intensive care unit in the United States. Studies show that up to 35 percent may have symptoms of PTSD for as long as two years after that experience, particularly if they had a prolonged stay due to a critical illness with severe infection or respiratory failure. Those persistent symptoms include intrusive thoughts, avoidant behaviors, mood swings, emotional numbness and reckless behavior.

Yet I.C.U.-induced PTSD has been largely unidentified and untreated. When patients leave the I.C.U., said Dr. O. Joseph Bienvenu, a psychiatrist and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “Everyone pays attention to whether patients can walk and how weak they are. But it’s the exception for them to be screened for psychiatric symptoms like post-traumatic stress or low mood.”

Now critical care specialists are trying to prevent or shorten the duration of the mood disorders, which can rattle not only I.C.U. patients but their frantic relatives.

So there’s a million or two folks, each year, that may be suffering from PTSD from their experience. It beats being dead, I know. Been there. But still, not nice.

I spent a month in the hospital trying not to die from respiratory failure, that was chalked up to a viral pneumonia (still don’t know what caused it). Been long enough that I can’t remember the specific terminology but I think it was characterized as ARDS. I was also not taking any care of my health, so I know I brought it on myself to some degree. A month lost, took a while to recover enough physically to function, but it took a year to recover in my head.

“I.C.U. patients have vivid memories of events that objectively didn’t occur,” Dr. Bienvenu said. “They recall being raped and tortured as opposed to what really happened,” such as painful procedures like the insertion of catheters and IV lines.

The I.C.U. setting itself can feel sinister to patients, as if lifted from “The Twilight Zone.” The eerie, sleep-indifferent lights. The cacophony of machines and alarms.

I can recall one specific instance of nearly jumping out of my skin one day, when a radio program played the noise of a ventilator and I mistook it/recognized it as something out of a nightmare. Crazily enough, it was understanding that it was a ventilator noise that helped – the realization that these nightmare visions had some basis in reality, however distorted. But that’s just the most vivid experience I can recall, while awake…that was months after the hospital stay, those sedation drugs were long gone. I still feel sometimes, irrationally (and I know it), that some part of me died there and I lost something essential. That’s nothing compared to the folks all too willing to offer interpretations on what few details I did let spill to anyone at the time.

I don’t want to say more about it. Certainly not going to share this on Daily Kos like my gun violence diaries; better that nobody or almost nobody reads this. Even if it was in the NYT. But I have more evidence, more understanding. I wish that felt good, but it doesn’t. It just…is, and I don’t want to forget. The understanding, that is. Some parts of this I will never forget.


Back to life

July 8, 2013

2013Vaca 057Well, the week off is over and with it my trip back east for the 4th of July.

I was a bit more of a shutterbug this year, although I am increasingly aware of the practical limitations of the camera when compared to everyone else’s smartphones. I may have to give in and get one of those myself, although it’s not as if I take a lot of pictures any other time. Then again, with a more portable camera maybe I would.

Anyway, this one above is my favorite, although there are some nice ones in the bunch. The link will go to a slideshow of my vacation pics on Photobucket. There’s also a few from last year in my library there, too. So it was a nice week, and I’m not particularly looking forward to getting back to normal work-life tomorrow, but that’s life.



June 6, 2013

Ok, so the big spring job should be done now, so perhaps I’ll have some time to write a bit again. Don’t know yet…can’t be sure that they finished things up yesterday at work. In the meantime, I found this photo on a tumblr today and it amused me. Granted it was part of the Moon Moon silliness but huskies are just goofy. They don’t need an excuse.



Photos and updates

May 13, 2013

Been awhile since I posted anything new up here. Sorry, but sometimes real life takes precedence, and in this case work’s been real busy. Draining. Anyway…

Personal 006Although it may be difficult to tell, this is a picture of Mudbug visiting the house again. He’s sort of peeking out. I don’t know quite why he did this, but he seems to really like the blankies on the futon/couch…

Personal 005…and since the blankets were piled on top of the couch, he climbed up there and half-buried himself in them and snoozed. My neighbor’s cat really wants to be a housecat, I think. But they keep tossing him outside (probably because he’s bad) and so he wants to hang out with us.

Personal 003Such shiftless bums cats are. So, I don’t need a pet. Not that I want one, but instead I have visitors. I also spotted him outside hunting a lizard for fun, but he wasn’t interested in this one…

Personal 007Found this indifferent fellow on the back porch today, perhaps warming himself on the concrete, or perhaps snacking on the nearby ants. I don’t mind the lizards eating bugs before they get in the house. I only mind when they break in, and occasionally they do sneak inside. But this one wasn’t concerned with me or Mudbug, and the cat didn’t go after him, so…maybe the last one tasted bad.

Anyway, still out here doing…nothing much, but hopefully in a few weeks I’ll get a slight break from the work madness. Till then, I must instead embrace the madness.


Sad day for a fan

April 14, 2013

I was playing some Deftones this evening when I found this news, that the Deftones’ former bassist Chi Cheng died this morning.

After a car accident in Santa Clara, CA back in 2008, Chi suffered major injuries. He was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. This accident left Cheng in a coma.

In 2010, the musician showed improvement, responding to commands and moving his legs. After showing more signs of rehabilitation, he was moved to his home for recovery.

Cheng died last night at 3am in the hospital.

I have followed his story for some time now, on the site they built for the purpose. It’s a shame to hear of his sudden death, no real information as to why it happened. Sometimes people will write a little R.I.P. diary on Daily Kos, but I think I won’t this time…it’s late, and maybe not the right place for it anyway.

Well, his music survives, and continues to entertain, to make people happy…could do worse, in this life, than making folks happy.