…one month later

September 4, 2013

Interesting, I didn’t realize that it had been this long. It happens that my last posting here had to do with Ariel Castro. How odd that I should find myself here again, talking about him. Because he happens to be dead — suicide, in prison — and anytime that happens the question of negligence on the part of the corrections officers will come up.

If Ariel Castro’s lawyer is to be believed, corrections officials in Ohio may have some serious explaining to do.  This morning–literally hours after Castro was found dead in his cell–Castro’s lawyer claimed that he’d asked for an independent psychiatric evaluation of his client, only to be turned down both times.

This writer on Daily Kos, heh, mentioned how bad the comments section looked at today.com where they found this article about Castro. But Daily Kos often reminds me that the values I take to be ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as I might think, so…

So what? (2+ / 0-)

What about the lives he fucked up forever?

Screw his rights.

Oh, you think that’s all? No, no. Not at all!

BREAKING NEWS in this story… (0+ / 0-)

Ariel Castro, convicted of kidnapping and raping three women, as well as murder…

http://www.cnn.com/…Just so we’re all reminded who we were dealing with here amidst this diary of sympathy for this fucking scumbag.

No, I see no need to name names, but I did find at least three different folks chiming in along these lines.

In the case of Ariel Castro (0+ / 0-)

My yawn should be sufficient enough to gauge my outrage.

Good riddance.

And they all want to interpret any sense of disturbance or outrage at the prison system just letting some inmate hang himself with a bedsheet as sympathy for Ariel Castro, the kidnapper, rapist, etc. etc. As if this criminal has done something that renders him less than human. As if the basic concepts of human decency no longer apply. As if we can set aside a certain class of people and just not care about anything that happens to them. Yeah, I suppose there is some degree of sympathy. The sort of base, minimal sympathy I would give any human being, no matter who it was. I guess that’s bad.

Even more interesting, it’s needless trust of the gov’t and the justice system, more than I usually expect from the pot-smokers and hipster more-liberal-than-thous that frequent the Great Orange Satan. After all, just because this happens to the latest poster boy for the death penalty, doesn’t mean it only happens to the righteously condemned. It rains on the just and the unjust, and in our country it rains injustice on them both, too.

It’s appalling to me, to see this mindset pop up amongst supposed liberals, folks who might be expected to value basic human rights and decency. The ones who even now (like me) are yelling at the President and Congress to not go to war in Syria, to not drop bombs on and blow up more innocent people (collateral damage will happen) and add to the death toll in Syria. These same people can somehow process the contradictory notion of fuck Ariel Castro. Whatever happens to him, he deserves it. He deserved to die. Whatever gets him there, right?

I say no.

Seriously – most of the time when I have some serious difference of opinion I find myself more conservative than my liberal company, somehow. Weird that today I seem like the bleeding heart. And they use the same damning language of a conservative.

Oh, the outrage from you! Good grief… (0+ / 0-)

…Charlie Brown.

I don’t give a rat’s ass whether a kidnapping, raping, murdering scumbag is treated with ANY dignity. He can rot where he rests, for all I care.

Would this be out of place on some conservative blog like RedState? I think not.

You’re pissed because people are posting candles (0+ / 0-)

and crying over this scumbag’s death.

And this actually drew out somebody into mouthing off and getting hidden for it. Someone I typically have zero respect for, he got mad at this and yelled back and for once, I can hardly blame him. So today? Zounds, we’re on the same side. Incredible. Mind you, there was no one actually ‘posting candles and crying’, references to a little community on DK, I believe, called IGTNT, that writes about soldiers that die in the line of duty, who do post candles and rigorously enforce civility. I wonder if there’s some lingering resentment, there. The one place where no one is allowed to swagger in and swing their internet schlong around and behave badly while people are mourning a dead soldier. Even a soldier killed for a cause we don’t necessarily believe in. Just a human life, gone, and regrettably so. A bit like Ariel Castro, to the extent that we are talking about dead human beings.

Anyway, what a surprise, disgusted with DK again. I suppose it’s probably just a few people. Good thing there isn’t a poll. I know from Pharyngula how internet polls can get crashed.



  1. You’re making me feel old and jaded. Far too many people have political poses based on emotions and personalities rather than any real ideals. I grew up with a mother who, while progressive on most things would sound like a solo lynch mob when the subject of child abuse, especially sexual abuse of children, would come up. Talking to her, it was easy to see how innocent people could wind-up getting convicted by appeals to emotion. I’ve really learned to tune this out, but that’s probably not good.

    As far as Syria goes, it’s an easy call for them because it coincides with an anti-U.S. imperialism pose they’ve already embraced. Many of them have decided that Obama is a crypto-fascist bad guy. So it’s an easy call. I’m not in favor of intervention in Syria, but if I was still on DK I’m sure people would be mad at me for being too nuanced about my opposition. I think Assad is awful, I’m just not sure what we can do that doesn’t create more problems than it solves. However, some people on the left are clearly headed into the territory of conspiracy theory.

    “Seriously – most of the time when I have some serious difference of opinion I find myself more conservative than my liberal company, somehow. Weird that today I seem like the bleeding heart.”

    As someone who considers herself a liberal and not a leftist, I can sympathize with how you feel. At the risk of a self-serving explanation, I think it doesn’t have to do with being conservative or liberal, it has to do with trying to approach a subject rationally and trying to maintain some consistent ideals. After not reading anything on Daily Kos for a few months, I was doing an internet search on some news topic and wound up there a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if it was always that hysterical there and I just didn’t notice because I’d gotten habituated to it, or if it really has gotten worse, but the feeling that it was just a mob of hysterical people shouting made me feel somewhat relieved that I bojo’ed myself last December.

    • I could make some noise about being rational and idealistic, but I’m sure that’ll change…it just comes with being a skeptic for me, I suppose. I consider it one of the perks to not have any gods, heroes, infallible objects of admiration.

      The whole liberal/leftist thing, that’s just something I don’t think I quite have figured out yet. I use ‘liberal’ more out of spite against American conservatives who have turned it into a slur.

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