One problem with being a west coastie

February 27, 2013

Due to my tendency to act up a bit politically, I get email…a lot of email. From advocacy groups all over the liberal spectrum of issues. And often they want me to call Congress! But I get the word late in the day, and when I get home it’s too late in the day, and then real life takes over, short term memory of a gnat and it’s gone.

Well, at least today I spotted one such alert in the morning before work and for once I can take advantage of the time zone differential. It’s probably not a big deal; the competing VAWA bills in the House are coming up, and based on his past history I suspect my rep. is on board with passing the Senate version and scrapping the inferior House GOP version. The GOP should be ashamed of themselves, and reportedly, maybe they are; their effort is losing steam, supposedly. But it was interesting to call anyway. That’s my first time trying. Poor Ron Barber, he already hears from me a lot through emails and petitions. I guess he’ll get used to it.


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