A winter wonderland, it’s not

February 21, 2013

Snow 001

Snow on the little barrel cactus in my front yard this morning. There was snow here on Wednesday, in town, which doesn’t happen very often at all. On the mountains is one thing, but in Tucson we don’t get to make snowmen (not that I would want to). So, the snow was interesting enough to take a few pictures.

Snow 004

The backyard had much more leftover snow; it all melted during the day today. The streets were no issue at all. Although a co-worker of mine who lives up in the northern foothills mentioned snow on the streets and snow thick enough to measure in his neighborhood.

Snow 002

I have trouble getting a good view of those mountains to the north from my yard; this is the best I could do. On my morning commute I got a much better view of snow-covered mountains from head to toe. Of course, during the day most of it melted. But this snow is good for us. Snow on the mountains means water that will take a while to trickle down later. It’s the kind of thing we need to help stave off the drought…although I think this region will be drought-stricken for the duration.

Anyway, that’s what it looked like this morning. Yesterday, on Wednesday, we had blizzard conditions it seemed (briefly) during the day and then more snow at night. I got some shots of what was left, but during the day it looked impressive. Snow is usually just something we see on the mountaintops — nice to look at, perhaps visit, but it can stay up there. Leave it to the weather to bring me the one thing I miss the least from PA on my birthday!

So, yay, I’m older, and all that rot. We had ice cream cake today. Having survived another spin around the sun is a reasonable excuse in this society, I suppose.


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