The circle of death: or, hey, come steal my guns!

February 19, 2013

[My latest piece now on Daily Kos seemed to deserve the Rocky & Bullwinkle treatment for the title. Thankfully it is on the short side.]

Concern is rampant amongst gun enthusiasts about registration, leading to confiscation (then extermination, if you believe Ann Coulter). Even the NRA can be found putting the fear into its membership.

With this in mind, I find it hard to be compassionate for the poor, terrorized gun owners of San Antonio. They seem to have brought trouble on themselves by proudly displaying the NRA logo on their cars, and in so doing, inviting burglars to break into those cars looking for guns.

You’d think they would know to keep a lower profile…


The sad news from Texas: (video at the link, sorry, it doesn’t want to embed)

“They’re looking for any indicator of what type of property might be in the car,” says a BCSO detective who works undercover. He adds his team is seeing a huge jump in the number of vehicle burglaries in and around the county where thieves are looking for one thing: weapons.”They would smash the window, search the vehicle. They would take the fire arm out, steal the firearm and leave behind other expensive items such as phones and computers and things like that.” He’s seen dozens of incidents in the past month.

The news piece goes on to relate how the black market in guns is booming, as criminals seem just as capable of planning ahead as gun enthusiasts when it comes to new gun control legislation on the horizon. And what better targets for their criminal activities than gun owners so insufficiently paranoid as to self-identify with NRA or hunting stickers on their cars?

This detective says they’re not just looking for guns in your car, they’re also breaking into your home to hunt for guns.”I think that if you have a firearm-related sticker, it is reasonable for a burglar to assume that you have a firearm either in your vehicle or in your home.”

So while gun enthusiasts may be frightened with the prospect of a gun registry identifying them for a criminal’s shopping list — never mind that no registry has even been proposed at the federal level — they have unwittingly identified themselves as targets for gun theft.

And to think, the NRA eagerly supports legislation in a variety of states to protect the rights of gun owners to keep guns in their cars, wherever they go. The same NRA that demands of its members, “We will buy more guns than ever.” And those window decals are pretty cheap at the NRA store.

No, I’m not going to link that. I’m not going to help the NRA supply guns to criminals!



  1. Did you see the article in this last week’s issue of The New Republic? How Liberals Became Real American, despite the title, the main example is gun control. It might have some observations you’ll find useful.

    • No, I hadn’t seen it – but I’ll go check it out today.

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