Fun with headlines

February 12, 2013

When I have time, there are a bunch of sites I check out for news, opinion and liberal variants of the same. Most of them are on one of my blog rolls here or on Daily Kos. AZCentral is one of those. So I’m glad I caught this one from their Politics front page before they fix it.

azcentralLawmakers crapped bill that would have nearly tripled their daily pay for lodging and meals.

Yeah, I know. I can see from the article that they mean “scrapped”. Still chuckling because of the accidental irony.

They say the plan “lost steam” after it became public, and yet they dropped it after getting…virtually no opposition.

But the plan, which was pegged to the federal per-diem rates paid to members of Congress, lost steam once it became public.

Wheeler said the hassle wasn’t worth it, even though he heard virtually no pushback from constituents or fellow lawmakers.

There’s something wrong with those claims. They seem contradictory. What, do they expect that their legislation should not become public or that it ought not? What’s the difference between ‘lost steam’ and ‘no pushback’? Anyway, it’s Arizona…of course nobody wants to pay for anything. At this point, I’m not sure that being elected to state representative would be a pay raise, myself.

And so we get what we pay for.

Wednesday edit: ha! next day, it’s still there.


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