Strike while the iron is hot

February 8, 2013

This is why I keep looking for news about gun control and the NRA, and why I keep writing about it, as I did on Daily Kos yesterday. I didn’t get around to mentioning it here due to the timing. I had spent the day researching the NRA’s spending habits, and some of what they’ve said about gun laws in this country, and then things got busy for awhile.

But the end result hit the spotlight on DK for awhile, which is nice. Plus, it’s got a bonus lolcat. Anyway, maybe I’ll even write another piece today. It’s just been that kind of…year, so far.



One comment

  1. You should post the entire thing here. I’ve been a lot happier posting on my own site. I should have set this up earlier and just done the occasional cross-post to DK and been less involved on a personal level – kind of like you can vent about believers here. Especially since I felt like I never fit in and people didn’t really like me much. The social aspect reminded me a bit of middle school. I knew exactly what I could write that would get me lots of recs and tried to resist the temptation. Stick a lol cat in all your posts. 😉

    Now, I write with a general audience in mind rather than a particular, narrow group of democrats. There’s a practical advantage to that, which is why I suggest posting the entire thing here. For example, I got a nice email from a middle aged, middle class, cis gendered, heterosexual, white man who really liked a post I wrote on sexual attraction and trans people. He said I made him think about things he’d never thought of before.

    There’s no real “community” here, but for me that may be a good thing.

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