Creationism back on schedule in AZ

January 27, 2013

Basically every time the state legislature is back in session, we start getting a lot of bad news to report here in Arizona. Tonight is one of those times, and I’ve written about it on Daily Kos. Republicans are looking to inject some fake controversy into the science curricula in our schools, on behalf of the usual creationist fools. As evidenced by their choice of rhetoric, more of the old ‘strengths and weaknesses’ line that they adopted after ‘teach the controversy’ became too obvious.

Probably ill advised to write this late, but what the hell. The way it is there, someone else will probably pick up the news unless mine is featured on the rec-list or spotlight.



  1. Since you’re in Arizona, I’m guessing that you’ve seen this, but if you haven’t you should take a look.

    • Ah, yep – I have seen that bit of news. Not from there (I think I saw it on the Friendly Atheist), but I have seen it.

  2. c’mon, what’s a little bullshit between people who are not your friends? I’ve enjoyed reading about that young buck who’s taking on the dimwits in the deep south. you could take a lesson from him. the derpitude there is amazing. perhaps there is a way for you to become more directly engaged in this debate, since it seems local to you. the cuch (va’s next right wing wacko guv to be) here is more focused on climate change denial and denial of birth control to women – surely a product of his extreme catholicism, eh?

    • Other than writing letters to the editor, which I could do, or write to the bill’s sponsors, not sure what else I could do…but I did register my opposition with my own state senator.

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