Maddening nonsense

January 10, 2013

My latest piece on Daily Kos (sorry, but it is kinda long) is another diary on guns. Since the administration is publicly talking guns and gun control legislation, it’s back in the news cycle and there are lots of diaries about it. Mine in particular means to tackle a certain popular misconception about guns and suicide. While in public I prefer to give folks the benefit of the doubt, this point seems so damned obvious to me that I suspect treachery. People that seek to dismiss suicide by gun as an inevitability looks to me like…damage control. And to think, usually that’s just a figure of speech. I guess in this case, it still is — their concern is not with the actual damage to people’s lives.



  1. Wow, you wrote the article I was going to write, or something very close to it. It was actually what made me get off Daily Kos. I couldn’t post it because at the time I didn’t have the time to sit around and babysit it in case the gun lobby decided to have a ball with it. In the meantime, I watched them make invalid, destructive statements that went without contradiction time and time again. Well, it’s good that you posted it.

    Did you see this article in the New York Times?

    • I hadn’t seen this article before…but I will check it out now. Took a few days off from the pie fight for the weekend. That was one diary I had hoped would get read more, but I can cite it later when the argument comes up again.

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