A little reminder

January 2, 2013

The pain and outrage about Newtown, CT and its dead schoolchildren seems to have been spent over the holidays; it’s hard to blame folks for seeking some happiness in their own lives. Lest we forget, however, I have a new piece up on Daily Kos about guns, yay. I wonder if it’ll survive the night. This might be a bad time to post, for a number of reasons. Still don’t like what I saw over my vacation there. Still don’t care for the whingeing purists. Still don’t care for the RKBA gang.

It’s an ongoing experiment in ‘will I stay there,’ I suppose. Probably will, it’s like a bad habit…but not all bad, perhaps.

Thursday edit: A typical, if muted response on DK, as a couple of gun enthusiasts have chimed in with the usual message of dismissal, threats, and despair. But it ended up being a useful experience, to check up on some of the sources they like to vaguely mention in support of their Borg-like sermon of futility. In this case it was about Clinton’s assault weapons ban, which they like to say caused the 1994 revolution as if in a vacuum.

I found that Clinton and the NRA give credit for 19 lost House seats out of 54, or less than half. Clinton also cites health care – his failure to pass it, which he likens to Truman’s rout in 1946 – interesting lesson considering 2010! He also cites NAFTA and the Brady bill as forces contributing to an increase in Republican interest and a demoralization of the Democratic base. It was a turnout election, where they came out to vote in droves and we didn’t. Again, sounds a lot like 2010.

I have to give credit to Obama, at least on his try he passed some healthcare reform.


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