Gallows humor

December 18, 2012

It has been a little while since I posted any new diaries on Daily Kos. There are so many now, talking gun control, that I don’t see the need to add to the din. It’s sad, what it takes for an issue I have had an interest in to take over the site for awhile. So, this latest piece is different. Not important, really. Just trying to find some humor in what seems like a hopeless situation. Yeah, this isn’t a state where you will find Republicans looking to split the electoral vote or some such manipulative garbage, because winner-takes-all works just fine for them here. So the hypocrites will leave it alone, until perhaps the tide turns on them.

But if you needed a reminder of the racism and conspiracy-nut birtherism still afflicting the Grand Old Putrescence, hey, go read.


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