Bad day for good news

December 12, 2012

In spite of hearing about a death in the family this morning, I had scheduled the day off to take care of business, and there was no help for that. I was also in a place where, as of this month, I was ready to look for a new car. And during the month I have been. Well, today the search is over…still feels a bit rushed, but that’s probably just car salesmen for you.

Matrix 003


So this is the new vehicle! Unlike the smaller cars I had spent most of my time looking at, I ended up with a deal on a slightly larger car, a Toyota Matrix, which I suppose won’t hurt matters at all (so long as I can handle the car payments).

Matrix 002

So it’s a four-door hatchback and I did save my Obama 2012 magnet from the old Escort wagon. The old beast served me well this past decade, but it was getting to be time. So it was still running well when I traded it in today, and with the used car market these days I’m sure they will be able to tune it up and re-sell it.


Anyway, I’ll miss the old wagon (see cat jumping off it, above) and I’m sure the neighbor cats will enjoy getting paw prints all over my new car. Hopefully they won’t scratch it up too soon, and hopefully I will get the hang of getting this new vehicle in and out of my carport. Ideally I want this Toyota to last as long as the Escort wagon did. Since I expect to be paying it off for the next six years I guess it had better. Fortunately, the warranty will last for seven years. After that…who knows.

So it goes.




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