I blame excessive hermitage

December 6, 2012

…this has been out since March and I’m just now hearing it (thanks again QC, glad I read your Tumblr occasionally). Did you know they coined a term (“djent“) to describe their musical style, which is now apparently being copied en masse?

The Swedish band Meshuggah and the British band Sikth are credited as the inspirations for the djent technique.[4] The movement itself emerged from the solo recordings of Misha Mansoor of Periphery, with Periphery subsequently bringing djent “from the virtual world into the real one.”[4] Other pioneering bands are Tesseract[5][6][7], Animals as Leaders,[3] and Textures.[8] The scene has grown rapidly and has become a trend,[9] as numerous bands emerged out of the scene in 2009 and 2010.[4] Other bands that are labeled under the term include Veil of Maya,[10]A Life Once Lost,[11]Vildhjarta,[12] and Xerath.[13] The groups After the Burial and Born of Osiris have also been described as being inspired by the movement.[9][14]

Anyway, some bands to consider listening to, even if they may be copying Meshuggah and can never be Meshuggah…so I’ll put Koloss on the wish list and should have this full album assaulting my ears by the solstice.


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