It’s not every day

November 20, 2012

that I come across some interesting new music, especially when the source is from the writer of Questionable Content. What can I say? He says his favorite Meshuggah album is ObZen, not Chaosphere! But the fact that he has a favorite at all should tell you something.

Anyway, through said writer Jeph Jacques I have run across this curious black metal band, Wolves in the Throne Room, which seems to get some good reviews on Encyclopaedia Metallum. They seem to go back to a very basic, vintage approach, and well…let me let them explain their style a bit.

Wolves in the Throne Room has rejected most of the traditional traits of black metal such as corpse paint, use of pseudonyms and Satanic imagery.[2][12] Member Aaron Weaver has said “Wolves in the Throne Room is not black metal, or, more accurately we play black metal on our own terms, for our own reasons.”[13]

The band is well known for their interests expressed through their imagery and lyrics, such as radical ecology, bio-dynamic farming, and creating a nature-based occult worldview, which differ from the traditional topics associated with black metal.[14][15][16][17] The members (brothers Nathan and Aaron Weaver) live on a ten acre farm outside the Olympia city limits. The band’s lyrics focus on themes of apocalypse, transformation and modern society’s lost connection with the natural world.[5]

The band’s music has been described as “eco-metal”, “organic metal”, “astral black metal” and “Cascadian black metal”.[5][18][19][20]

Unlike most modern metal bands, Wolves in the Throne Room always use vintage amplifiers and recording equipment. They mentioned in one interview that they despise modern recording techniques such as looping and drum triggers.[21]

So with that said, perhaps we’ve found Dave some Gaian black metal to listen to.  🙂

Also, here is a picture of the cat who was climbing around on me yesterday, that should amuse Sue if she ever reads this blog (I don’t think she does). He decided that the carry-cord on the camera was a kitty toy.


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