Good weekend anticipated, in spite of…

November 17, 2012

…only having one day off this time due to work. But today I read the news that Ron Barber appears to be a cinch to win in my new congressional district. Then I wrote about it on Daily Kos. It’s not quite over, but the vote counting is going his way. I hope to hear a concession speech from his rival, Martha McSally. Not an overly objectionable Republican, really. But still, a Republican, and we can’t afford any right now. So, I get a blue dog for a rep in Congress. I miss Raul Grijalva. But at least I can imagine my vote for Barber really counted, it helped in this very close race.

The independent redistricting committee wanted competition, much to the chagrin of Republicans…they got competition, all right. They should be pleased.

Also, last night I forced myself to be social for a few hours and met some of the other kossacks here in Baja AZ. There is proof, they took pictures…have to wait and see how those turned out.


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