I’m awake now

November 14, 2012

Thanks PZ, I’m awake now. New diary on Daily Kos today. This one I felt like writing there; not all of my stories of skepticism belong there, but I figured this one did. I give it an hour before the so-called moderate catholics arrive to berate me for my anger. To which I say (here, where I can), fuck ’em.

Anyway, don’t go read it unless you want to get a bit angry.

Stupid, blinkered, backward, women hating, murdering motherfuckers. Fucking bishops. Bishops! Popes! DIAF. Yeah, I’m mad. Going to work now. Yay!



  1. hey, I’m not catholic anymore! by the way…i may be wrong, but doesn’t the “choich” insist upon all medical means to extend life, even when it is hopeless and the person wants to die with dignity…aka the terminally ill cancer patient at the end stage in great pain but still lucid? not sure.

    • That’s true, not the whole entire family. But we are a teeny minority. Perhaps your family will improve those percentages. 🙂 As for the church, yes, they do not approve of euthanasia, or even much medication to alleviate pain or induce unconsciousness. We must die awake, conscious, and preferably suffering, so as to get a taste of what their christ-god supposedly endured.

      I found this googling ‘catholic church euthanasia’

      “According to Christian teaching, however, suffering, especially suffering during the last moments of life, has a special place in God’s saving plan; it is in fact a sharing in Christ’s passion and a union with the redeeming sacrifice which He offered in obedience to the Father’s will. Therefore, one must not be surprised if some Christians prefer to moderate their use of painkillers, in order to accept voluntarily at least a part of their sufferings and thus associate themselves in a conscious way with the sufferings of Christ crucified (cf. Mt. 27:34).”

      Suffer with a smile! A beatific one.

  2. wow, these guys are worse than even i thought, and that’s saying a lot! also, i suspect they’ve never had a 5-alarm hangover. heh. by this logic a woman being murdered painfully while being raped is somehow closer to their god? it seems so.

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