SWTOR free to play ‘coming this fall’ finally here

November 10, 2012

As per Massively, it lands on the 15th, next Thursday. From what I’ve read, going from subscriber to free is a big downgrade – a lot of game features are lost, and some can be bought back temporarily. I’ll have to keep looking for a good explanation of all the differences, because I can easily find the basics but I keep hearing about more.

I am sure to go FTP after it arrives, not sure what we’ll do with the game after that. Sue and I have made it to 50 on our Imp mains, and I was left somewhat disappointed with the scoundrel/operative classes because they carry guns but just don’t have any incentive to shoot them. There was no happy medium.

As for where my money goes, who knows? We’re entertaining going back to WoW and buying into Pandaria, how bad is that?



  1. hehe if you do, perhaps i’ll join you for a time in WoW

    • Ha! I doubt it, but I guess we’ll see. Sue has held onto a subscription all this time, not sure why. But our characters seem to have scattered. Maybe there is one server in common for some of our old toons.

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