In other schadenfreude related news

November 8, 2012

…new diary on Daily Kos today, thanks to Colorlines. They do a lot of articles on voter suppression, which interests me. This one did, mainly because it features an enraged Republican on the losing end of demographic shifts in his community. It feels a bit odd as I’m part of the losing demographic, but that part’s just reality, nothing I have a choice about. What we do with it, that’s different.


One comment

  1. well you’d only really be part of that demographic if you self-identified with their precepts and counted yourself among them. i don’t, and i laugh when i hear the OWG contigent at work bitch about their loss – even though obama will give us a pay raise at some point and romneybot-ryan meant to freeze our pay for another five years and “adjust it to market rates” whatever the hell that means…i figure it means i’d be making a lot less than i do now!

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