Will no man rid me of this meddlesome priest?

November 1, 2012

I guess it figures, this catholic bishop, er, jerk I wrote about back in April is back again, with another overt political message just before election day. Better still — he’s ordering an anti-Obama screed be read by every priest in his diocese next Sunday! Awesome, eh? I wonder what dad would do if something like this happened in his church. I’m guessing I will never know, since he doesn’t do the internet and hardly anyone reads this blog anyway.

So I wrote about it on Daily Kos, not much to say of it really, since I don’t think the IRS will ever be tasked with investigating this sort of activity from church-folk. They’ll continue to abuse their tax exemption as extensions of the Republican party, and Democrats fearful of a backlash will ignore it.



  1. love the title! heh. catholics…glad i’m not one of them anymore and never will be again.

    • I likes me some Shakespeare, heh. Good to hear from you dude.

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