Today has been a good day

October 24, 2012

…for a number of reasons. I seem to be fitting into some smaller clothes today; after some jean-shorts all but fell off me last week, I tried on some old jeans from the storage boxes I’ve been digging up in the past month, and even they seem loose. Progress.

I also found time to blog today on Daily Kos, and it’s a combination of my favorite topics. Mocking Republicans, hypocrisy, and religion. What a hat trick! Thanks to Right Wing Watch I found a ridiculous voter guide, which is supposedly biblically based and prescribes voting for men, not women…but I especially enjoyed the parts about valuing truthfulness and being free from the love of money, which should disqualify Mitt Romney on spec.

I mean if they ever had a better embodiment of the love of money running for freaking president, I just do not know.


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