Alternatives to prison? We can’t have that

October 10, 2012

I had time today to blog on Daily Kos about the prison system, a topic I seem to hit upon often; probably because the endless argument over polls and debates and swing states bores me. Or it could be the rank injustice of for-profit prisons warehousing inmates, breaking state standards left and right, then demanding guaranteed ‘occupancy rates’ that only serve to guarantee their profits.

This is already beginning to happen. A prison in Ohio was sold outright to CCA, the Corrections Corporation of America, and the jerk running Louisiana, gov. Bobby Jindal, recently tried to sell three of theirs — although the legislature rebuffed his efforts. In spite of the short-term cash CCA is offering, the quick fix for the long-term pain.

I already have a hard time calling it a ‘justice’ system; it will be even worse when the system becomes simply a mechanism for manufacturing inmates for private prisons in accordance with their contracts.

Afternoon edit: As my diaries generally stick to the fringes of unpopularity, this one got rescued, always nice to see. More people may read the story, that way. Although more than usual already have — perhaps it was the catchy title. It is relatively cray.


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