Couldn’t tell you why this cause moves me

September 29, 2012

…but voter suppression does, for some reason. I caught a piece of Melissa Harris-Perry’s show this morning before work, though, and I found the time to write about it on Daily Kos. The practice of disenfranchising felons and ex-felons, in some states permanently, I find irksome. I don’t see any valid reason for it, although I can easily spot lots of invalid, discriminatory, oppressive, conservative reasons to do so. I will walk right up to calling it a racist practice and say yes, it looks that way to me.

This is more than just treating prison inmates like crap in and out of prison in the name of getting tough on crime. This serves no useful purpose for society, this encourages people who have been refused basic participation in society to act out against society. Beyond the ethical wrongdoing, it seems counterproductive.


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