Melissa Harris-Perry hits it out of the park

September 1, 2012

This morning I caught most of the Melissa Harris-Perry show, which I would recommend to anyone not of a conservative mindset, because in those cases your head might explode. Well, I caught most of it as I slept in a little (it starts at 7 AM here) and I went out to cut some weeds before it got too hot.

I did catch this segment on welfare, however, and I have never seen Melissa catch fire with such righteous fury. It’s at about the 8 minute mark or so in the segment, but the entire bit is worth watching. I also managed to blog about it on Daily Kos before anyone else could, ha. (First!) I could not embed the video here, but feel free to check it out at DK or use the first link to go straight to the source at MSNBC.

Quick edit: well, somebody put my diary on the rec list at Daily Kos. That’s good! More people will get to see that excellent show clip. Which I now have a YouTube video for.


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