Take care now, bye-bye then

August 29, 2012

Not once but twice now, Russell Pearce, lead anti-immigrant legislator and all around Republican racist scumbag, has been beaten. Yesterday, it was in a Republican primary, meaning the GOP in the district alone told him to get lost. This is if anything even better than the recall, which was open to all eligible voters; can’t go blaming this one on Democrats or Independents, no. Naturally, I blogged about it just to revel in Russell’s defeat.

This may make me happier than my own rep in Congress, Raul Grijalva, winning his primary handily. And Grijalva is a good dude, his win makes me happy. Just contemplating the doom of Russell Pearce’s career is better though, I think. I can’t even file this under angst and woe, even if another conservative Republican will likely take that state senate seat instead of Pearce. The alternative must be slightly less repulsive. Progress!

Can you spot the typo?


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