The Wire as entertainment, and research

August 23, 2012

It’s infamous, there’s lots of cursing, in fact there’s almost nothing but in this scene. Watch it at your peril! Detective work, Balamer style.

Anyway, I have heard good things about The Wire for some time now, but it took our upcoming Werewolf chronicle, which I had previously chosen to set in Baltimore, to really get me interested in watching this series. Not sure what to expect, so I figured if nothing else it’d be good for helping me bring the setting to life.

Took me longer to get Sue interested in watching it with me; seemed like a waste of time to sit here alone watching when she might benefit from a viewing, too. How things change! I think she ended up liking the show more than me, and I like it fine. Enough that I’ll likely be going out to find the second season very soon. I have to give the show and the actors credit, in a plot full of ‘bad guys’ there were damned few of them that I gained a genuine dislike for. I found at least as many of the ‘good guys’ wanting too, for that matter. And I’m sure it was meant that way.

At any rate, fellas – I know you stop by on occasion, FSM knows hardly anyone else does – if you’re interested in what Rage Across Baltimore will be like, you might find hints of it in this show. The World of Darkness is supposed to be a little nastier than the real world, a little bleaker, less hopeful. And really, it may not be much of a stretch.


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