Concealed gun carriers show off their skills

August 15, 2012

Just one of the sillier news pieces I found while reading this morning…

Police say a man accidentally shot himself in the buttocks at a Nevada movie theater during a showing of “The Bourne Legacy.”

Police in Sparks, Nev., say the 56-year-old man’s injuries are not life-threatening and no others were hurt.

Authorities say the man had a permit to carry a concealed firearm. The man told officers the gun fell from his pocket Tuesday night as he was adjusting himself in the seat and that it discharged when it dropped to the floor.

I’m not going to bother posting it on Daily Kos. It would make the gun enthusiasts mad, I’m sure, and not do much else. I can be petty. But perhaps not that petty. It amuses me, however, to consider how they crow about licensed gun carriers and their training. And I imagine this yahoo was probably inspired by the Aurora shooting to protect himself. Too bad he couldn’t protect himself from himself…

At least his ass was the only casualty.



  1. Yea that’s gonna be a tough one to live down when he next visits his local watering hole. On the other hand, he can now boast of a “war wound” but somehow I don’t think this will be something that will help him get chicks.

    • Yeah, he’ll be pretty screwed if his name gets out 🙂

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