Amusing feedback

August 3, 2012

So my earlier letter to the Beaver County Times made it into the paper, eventually…I think they must have had quite a backlog of complaint letters about voter ID for it to have taken so long! Of course, the comment section of the paper’s website is a typical cesspool of anonymous jerkitude. At least the smaller audience may translate into an incomplete transmutation.  🙂

It’s always fun to see the ways in which conservatives are forced to confront their cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, they’re obsessed with FREEDOM and attacking perceived tyranny; and on the other, they’re scared poor white folks who may get on some level that they aren’t going to matter as much as they used to, the way things are going. The goal of voter ID (as Mike Turzai helpfully admitted) is to suppress voting, to put roadblocks in the way of people’s right to vote, to ATTACK FREEDOM! The typical conservative response ought to be something like blargh tyrrany water the tree of liberty guns wharrgarbl. But they’re stuck with actually supporting tyranny, that must hurt.

So one of them dismisses my argument simply on the basis of calling me a “stooge for the demo party”. I guess the bar for “stooge” is pretty low, what’d I ever do for them? Vote for them? (that’s probably sufficient) Serve on the town council as one, however briefly? The most I accomplished there was maybe getting folks to recycle more. That’s terrible. And of course, just being a Democrat is some kind of stand-in excuse for dismissing an argument they can’t beat.

Another one wants to flip the argument around – “your admitting this only affects folks who vote for Democrats?” No, actually that was Republicans who said that, heh. “Is there some sort of mental deficiency…” No, the deficiency is more like time and money. But the way these Republicans are, I suppose they can’t imagine what it would be like to not be able to easily get to a DMV, or to find time to spare away from work, or education, or child-care, or to try to get a driver’s license when you may not even own a car.

Of course, the point they all wish they could distract from was my main point, that they’re busted. That Mike Turzai spoke aloud what they were all thinking, and worse, he was recorded doing so. And that is why they must find something else to blather about.


Saturday edit: Checking back, I see someone has confused me with dad, and, well…all I have to say is, if that goofball ever actually runs into dad and calls him an “ex-Democrat,” good luck with that. I might laugh that off and correct them, but dad?


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