They hate me, they really hate me

July 31, 2012

I wouldn’t have caught this if not for Google’s search results (or if I just bookmarked DK), but while heading over to Daily Kos to see what folks are raging about today, a link to Newsbusters caught my eye. It was a complaint about my poorly viewed article attacking Jonah Goldberg’s death penalty enthusiasm, from July 27th.

So someone at Newsbusters must have been bored enough to troll through Daily Kos for material, like some folks check out right wing sites. It’s funny, though; they were annoyed enough by my punchline to only quote that part. And funnier that they thought I was avoiding Goldberg’s point. His argument was that liberals don’t want to talk about poster boys for the death penalty, which I guess I avoided by…talking about the latest one.

That’s what passes for conservative logic, I suppose.  🙂


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