What a nickname!

July 27, 2012

Been about a month since I posted any diaries on Daily Kos, but I’ve got one today. I’ve skipped past stories that didn’t seem worth the bother, then saw others go ahead. I’ve found some worth doing that were done already. Today I got to one first; probably because no one else cares. The death penalty, again. In which Jonah Goldberg (did not know his nickname from the left is ‘doughy pantload’!) would rather we skip past all that unfortunate discussion of icky gun control and hopeless societal change to the real business of killin’ folks what need it.

I admit to being afflicted by the American disease of violent revenge fantasies. Really enjoyed the new Batman movie, like millions of others! Fortunately I can separate this notion from reality and act in society with a bit more sense. Unfortunately, acting on the desire for revenge is alive and well in the real world. And so we have Jonah Goldberg.

I also admit, my punchline makes me a bit anxious. It’s a tad vulgar. Just seems so right.


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