Just to liven things up a bit in PA

July 19, 2012

This is kind of old news, so I won’t bother with a Daily Kos article. But there are some folks in Beaver County that I see defending PA’s new voter ID law and crowing about voter fraud and such. The typical excuses. Unfortunately, to use the old quaint line, we have you on videotape!

That’s Mike Turzai, Republican state house majority leader, explaining exactly why voter ID was passed in PA. We all know why this was done; there’s no point in making excuses. So, I wrote a letter to the editor, which will hopefully get printed and cheer the relatives up – some of them mentioned missing my letters.

In response to those defending voter ID in Pennsylvania, I must remind you that you are all, in fact, busted. Mike Turzai, Republican majority leader in the state house, has been recorded, it’s even on YouTube: “Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania — done.”

You can all quit pretending there was some compelling interest in voter fraud, which is no more common than being struck by lightning. If you were genuinely interested in a balanced approach, help voters get ID instead of sticking them with the chores and fees necessary to get it, in essence establishing a new poll tax. It would have been better to start sometime other than right before a presidential election.

And it would have been prudent not to brag openly about the political advantage sought by and for Republicans as demographic shifts make their base increasingly irrelevant. That’s really the important part. If you’re going to disenfranchise voters, best to keep quiet about it. But Republicans in Pennsylvania couldn’t contain their glee, and so we all know the truth.

It is up to everyone else in the state to make them pay in November. Good luck.

With any luck this will actually be in the paper in a few days, guess you’ll see (or not). In general they seemed to always have room.



  1. hehe you should’ve put this on dailykos, someone else did and it made the big time…and it should. subtlety is evidently not one of this fellow’s few virtues.

    • I think it did, in the context of it happening again in Wisconsin. That’s all right though. I haven’t felt like I had a good topic to blog about there in awhile.

  2. […] my earlier letter to the Beaver County Times made it into the paper, eventually…I think they must have had quite a backlog of complaint […]

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