I don’t even like cats

July 13, 2012

…and for that reason, I think I will refrain from putting this story up on Daily Kos, just because I might not seem sympathetic enough. But it’s a pretty bad story about abuse of an animal that led to its death, courtesy of the fundamentalist fools up in Colorado City, most likely.

A live cat was found recently half-buried in concrete, and the man who rescued the kitten believes it was a message from a pro-polygamy religious group.

The incident happened recently in Colorado City, Ariz., a major center for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Mormon sect that split off in the early 20th century in order to continue the controversial practice of plural marriage.

The kitten was discovered at the home of Isaac Wyler, a former church member, who has spoken out against the church and its controversial former leader Warren Jeffs, according to AzFamily.com.

Apparently, since the police up there are dominated by the FLDS, they laughed off the animal abuse report and suggested just throwing some dirt on the cat rather than rescue it. But then, this is a group that seems to have a history of abusing animals in order to threaten non-sect members and drive them out of the town. They don’t know for sure that FLDS members are responsible, and at present it wouldn’t hold up in court. They can claim innocence, but their callous disregard speaks volumes.

I only include the video recorded by the ex-FLDS folks living there to be thorough…I don’t really recommend watching it, it’s kind of revolting. Not that they filmed the cat rescue, but just for what was done to the critter in the first place.

Sad that this fundamentalist community continues to enjoy support and protection from investigation and retribution, courtesy of our own legislature. Just another example of how religious moderates enable extremists. A particularly nasty example.


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