Took the plunge

June 18, 2012

…was sufficiently interested in solitude-based entertainment yesterday so as to buy Diablo 3, since (thankfully) my new video card can handle it. I haven’t played it much, and I have no plans to abandon SWTOR. But I can admit that SWTOR isn’t enthralling me, so what the hell. At least this one doesn’t involve a subscription fee.

I’d suggest this was Dave, but he’s a bit grayer and …has more hair, in spite of that! Ah well, I shouldn’t tease. Mine is going too. Don’t bend over dude, you’ll impale yourself on your belt. Wouldn’t that armor make for some interesting combat maneuvers?

I tried out the wizard and barbarian and from what little I’ve played, I like the barbarian. I don’t like having to do all my moving with the mouse, though. I can see why they are looking to port it to a console. This game could use an Xbox controller.


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