On absurdity

June 12, 2012

…it’s hard to get better than politics, if you’re looking for it. So I felt compelled this morning to send off a quick diary about Mitt Romney’s latest spin move. After declaring class size in schools irrelevant, and claiming that Wisconsin is an example of the people not wanting more teachers (and police, and firemen) … now Mitt’s having to walk back the teacher part. I guess they decided that was the weak link, and screw the cops and firefighters. I expect DK will get swamped with a few copies of this story, but that’s ok. As long as it gets covered.

Now, Wisconsin did show something, I think. It is an example of Republican decision-making in action. They chose to try to leave out the police and fire fighter unions when Walker went after the other unions, to take away their collective bargaining rights. They were banking on the most respected unions letting it go if they weren’t touched (this time). The Republicans were wrong about that, though; the unions all banded together anyway. And still Walker survived the recall.

So I’m thinking Republicans are just about ready to declare open season on all unions – cops and firemen be damned. This bit about the teachers shows there’s still some weakness yet, some fondness for some public workers. But I think it’s pretty clear, that they’re working to normalize attacking all manner of unions. It makes sense, really, considering their ultimate goals. Oligarchy, rolling back a century of progress, for anyone except the very rich.


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