A tale of xian revisionist history

June 8, 2012

…and it’s not about the bible!

Couldn’t resist. Anyway, got a new piece of work on Daily Kos today. It has to do with an infamous revisionist historian and evangelical activist, whom I found offensive today for taking a quote from a black civil rights activist from the late 19th – early 20th century, Booker T. Washington. Offensive both for the cheap shot at folks on welfare, and because I find little in common between civil rights activists and far-right evangelicals.

Fortunately, Booker T. Washington’s quotations cannot all be twisted so easily to serve the interests of Liars for Jesus. So I found one that bashes Mitt Romney.




  1. hehe i’ve seen this one. the vultures are a great touch. why anyone not in the 1% would vote repug escapes me…but that assumes they are aware of this.

    • I think they may not be aware…since I was also writing about a revisionist historian, and the alternate universe they can promote through Fox and right-wing radio. Or if not unaware, they can choose to ignore it.

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