Documenting ongoing failure at AZ prisons

June 5, 2012

I had cause to blog today on Daily Kos about the ongoing fiasco involving inadequate health care at Arizona’s prisons. Not that I would be surprised if this sort of thing happened in every state in the Union. I just read about Arizona because I live here.

So the latest bit from the Arizona Republic, not exactly a bastion of socialist thought, is that they’ve been able to document several cases of inmates actually dying from lack of health care. Nothing more to it than that. They suffer, it’s obvious, nothing gets done, they’re left to rot. And some of them do. Rot, presumably, after their ignored health problems kill them.

It just bothers me that society has these principles it claims to hold, about taking care of people like human beings, respecting life, no cruel punishment, that sort of thing. And then society cages up folks like animals and pays them about as much heed. The hypocrisy stinks.

I guess it was coincidence that Deadman Wonderland started up on the renewed Toonami, Saturday nights. Well, we haven’t hit that point yet, where our prisons are amusement parks and prisoners are made to perform and be killed for our amusement. So far, we just hide our prisons and the suffering in them from our sight, collectively speaking. But I bet a few Republican reps in the state lege would be willing to float the idea in the next session.

I hope they don’t stay up late on Saturdays watching anime.



  1. I have no idea of how contact you, but I wanted to let you know we were republishing your post from DK on our new “news” website. Feel free to stop by and give it a look. Also, I was told by my friend that reposting dk stuff was fine to do, but if you want us to take it down let me know. I feel kind of weird just posting it.


    • Thanks for letting me know about the re-publish, and no, I don’t mind. You may find the Baja Arizona Kossacks group on Daily Kos worth following, and I’ll check out your new site.

  2. claims to hold indeed. we don’t have much of a society any more and i think you know that. i’ve often wondered why you care so much about criminals. perhaps it’s a vestige of xtianity? whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me?
    it is pretty shameful though, what you point out.

    • It could be some vestige of xian thought, although I think it’s what society teaches (which may be based on xianity anyway). I have an interest in injustice and especially hypocrisy, and that belief system is rank with both.

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