A quintessence of code

May 30, 2012

To stab, or not to stab…that is the question.

I haven’t written much about my SWTOR adventuring, and after pondering it (instead of writing) I think I finally know why. When I started blogging about WoW, I was really into it…speed leveling characters, maxing out an entire support group of alts for my main character, running dungeons and raiding nearly every free day to build a stronger toon, to see the content. Raiding seemed like the natural end of PvE gaming and I saw no reason not to play it to the hilt. Plus, I had years of WoW already played and a nice connection to my death knight; I didn’t just like playing him, I liked the death knight class, and the legacy of Warcraft gaming that I’d been part of for years.

Skip ahead to the future in SWTOR, and it’s just not there. I have had zero interest in speeding to level 50 on anything. All of the classes are fun, but none of them have dazzled me. I have found no community to be part of, not that I really tried. Flashpoint hard modes and operations nearly make me shudder. So in spite of maxing out a Scoundrel, being fairly close to maxing out an Operative, plus a few other classes I’ve tried…well, playing a Scoundrel and an Operative was a mistake, they’re just the same thing and at long last, I ended up not liking their style.

It’s unfortunate that the advanced classes can’t be changed, because every Scoundrel must pistol-whip you rather than shoot you with it, and every Operative must stab you repeatedly with knives rather than hang back and shoot whatever fancy rifle is hanging off his shoulder. And if I had gone the Sniper route, that would have been ok, but then I’d never get to shoot my friends in the face with kolto darts. And the lightsaber classes? Oddly enough, they seem to be the ones I am least interested in – kind of self-defeating, as I’m sure the devs spent the most time polishing them.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be online this evening, so off I go.

Maybe this would make it cooler…

It works on everything.




  1. perhaps one day you can have one of these…


    best laugh i’ve had in a while

    • I heard about the deadcatcopter! Yeah! I should ask Sue if I can stuff the next one that croaks it…

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